2023 May 06 EGGA Group Conscience minutes posthoc

European Group of Gaming Addicts (EGGA) business agendas, notes, topics, and discussions
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2023 May 06 EGGA Group Conscience minutes posthoc

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Post hoc minutes, EGGA Group Conscience Meeting, 6 May 2023
Starting with 10 people in the meeting.
Chair: David
Co-chair/Secretary: not present

1. Opening Serenity Prayer
We said the Serenity Prayer following a request.

Minutes of the previous meeting had not been published. The Chair reviewed these from memory, subject to debate and correction. Members asked that previous minutes be uploaded to the GAA EGGA Business Forum, members offering to help facilitate this.

3. Meeting practices
A discussion of meeting practices continued. One member trying to raise a point of order was ejected from the meeting by the Chair. A motion to use Roberts Rules was proposed and seconded.

The motion to institute more formal procedures, including notification of agenda in advance and minutes to be uploaded to the Group Conscience Meeting board, was passed. 6 ayes, 1 nay, 2 abstain, 1 “can’t vote”.

4. Setting the Agenda Items and their order
There was unhappiness that the agenda had not been made available before the meeting, or items submitted prior to the meeting added. Several agenda items were added.

By this time, it was at the end of the meeting hour. Several members left. Members agreed to stay for 20 minutes to discuss a time sensitive item. The meeting moved directly to this item.

5. To ban Morgan F. from all EGGA meetings.
This motion was in relation to a non-member who had been disruptive over a period of seven years. They engaged in 13th Stepping; manipulating vulnerable newer members for (in this case) perceived power/influence. Morgan F. periodically stops attending meetings, returning when a new set of members have arrived. Many attempts have been made over this time to address this disruption, and other subgroups have banned MF but not EGGA. Several people spoke in support of the motion.

The motion to ban Morgan F. from all EGGA meetings was passed. 4 ayes, 2 abstain

These were carried over from this meeting
Topics added were:
• To discuss how EGGA responds to future notifications of people deliberately causing distress and disruption to GAA Fellows and processes (as in the case of MF).
• Meeting leader workshop to share best practice
• Updates needed on announcements section on EGGA meeting format page

A (health professional) follow was advised they did not need permission to present an addiction recovery session.

7. Group Cohesion Questions:
- Are we carrying the message?
- Is the group stable/growing?
- Do you feel safe in the meetings?
We missed this part.

8. Closing serenity prayer and hugs.

Positions after this meeting:
chair: David (July 2023)
Co-chair: Stephen (July 2023)
GSC Representative:
GSC Representative:
WhatsApp Group Admin: Owen
WhatsApp Group Admin: Julian
Meeting Leader Monday: Stephen
Meeting Leader Tuesday: Sergey
Meeting Leader Wednesday: vacant
Meeting Leader Thursday: Lizzie
Meeting Leader Friday: vacant
Meeting Leader Saturday: David
Meeting Leader Sunday: vacant
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