February 2nd, Meeting minutes

European Group of Gaming Addicts (EGGA) business agendas, notes, topics, and discussions
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February 2nd, Meeting minutes

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Minutes, EGGA Business Meeting, 2 February 2023.
Starting with 9 people in the meeting.
Chair: David
Secretary: Nabil

1. Opening Serenity Prayer
We forgot to say the serenity prayer.

Starting fresh. No review of previous minutes.

3. Setting the Agenda Items and their order:
We set the agenda as we went through the meeting.

4. Service Position:
David was elected chair until July 2023. 6 ayes, 1 abstain. Passed.
Stephen was elected co-chair until July 2023. 6 ayes. Passed.

5. Agenda

1. Item: Wording of step 4
-Xander raises the question and proposal of changing the wording of Step 4, changing the word "personal inventory" to "moral inventory". Xander, as the group representative for GSC, would like to take this up with the GSC after our group consciousness has decided on the matter.

-Owen proposes to just remove the word "personal".

Discussion on the topic ensues.
3 proposals.
1. Keep it as it is.
2. Put "moral" back.
3. Remove the word personal.

Vote: for changing the step 4 text.
8 ayes. 1 abstain.

Vote: Between proposal 2 or 3.
5 for changing the wording to "moral inventory"
2 abstain
2 for removing "personal"
Proposal on changing the wording to "moral inventory" passes.
Xander will take this to the GSC.

2. Item: Wording of a part of the script
-Owen raises the question and topic of changing the wording of the meeting script part on "Discussion is not limited to the topic of the day, but encouraged." to something more clear.

Discussion on the topic ensues.

Proposal: While we encourage you to stick to the topic of the day, you are also welcome to check in or get current. If you are new, you are invited to introduce yourself or just share what brought you here. Please try to refrain from profanity, or violent language which may upset others. We limit shares to four minutes when we have or are likely to have 15 or more people.

7 ayes
1 abstain
David will send this to Scott to change the script on the web page and also send it to the Whatsapp group.

3. Item: Whatsapp names
-An issue with Whatsapp showing last names was brought up.

Discussion ensues on the topic. Discussed possible proposals such as to add some information when posting about Whatsapp at the end of the meetings. The topic is left for now and can be brought up in a future meeting.

-Whatsapp showing last names and possible proposals on how to inform people on this.

7. Group Cohesion Questions:
- Are we carrying the message?
- Is the group stable/growing?
- Do you feel safe in the meetings?
We missed this part.

Closing serenity prayer and hugs.

Positions after this meeting:
Chair: David (July 2023)
Co-chair: Stephen (July 2023)
GSC Representative:
GSC Representative: Xander
Whatsapp Group Admin: Owen
Whatsapp Group Admin: Julian
Meeting Leader Monday:
Meeting Leader Tuesday: Sergey
Meeting Leader Wednesday: Olivia
Meeting Leader Thursday:
Meeting Leader Friday: Xander
Meeting Leader Saturday: David
Meeting Leader Sunday: Owen
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