2023 Oct 07 Meeting Agenda and Notes

European Group of Gaming Addicts (EGGA) business agendas, notes, topics, and discussions
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2023 Oct 07 Meeting Agenda and Notes

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1. Serenity prayer.
2. Choose a minutes taker.
3. Approval of September minutes https://gaais.org/topic1177
4. GSC rep report

5. Open positions
5A. EGGA co-chair
5B. David volunteers as Friday leader
5C. Open leader spots

6. Security protocol
Some possible options: (1) Return to normal now that new password seems to have ended troll attacks. (2) Form a committee to work on the best protocol for EGGA. (3) Work out a protocol here.

7. Leaderless meetings
What do we do with leaderless meetings when facing constant troll attacks? Delisting is one option. Volunteers to set up security, hope for a volunteer leader, and end the meeting if there isn't one is another option.

8. Revisit decision about WhatsApp chat to make it for announcements and logistics only, no discussion. Is it time to try respectful discussion via chat again? Should we come up with clear etiquette that can be posted?

9. Zoom tech training and support for meeting leaders
Let's encourage two co-leaders for each meeting, one who guides the meeting and the other who handles technical controls. Should we write a guide for zoom control? Offer a monthly training?

10. Raise hand feature (instead of * in chat)
Motion: To amend the meeting script to say "If you wish to share, please use the Raise Hand feature, found under the Reactions button or More menu. Phone users can dial *9."

Rationale: This would replace using the asterisk which is from the time when meetings were held on Mumble. The raise-hand feature automatically puts people in the order they raised their hand making it easier for the meeting leader to keep track. In addition, people dialing in on the phone can use raise-hand when they do not have access to the chat, making it more inclusive.

11. Group cohesion questions. Should we change this to an annual or semi-annual group inventory?
(Are we carrying the message? Is the group stable/growing? Do you feel safe in the meetings?)

12. Electing a second representative to the GSC

13. Wording change regarding suggestions in format.
Currently it says, "Our goal is to listen and hear each other, not cross-talk or make suggestions" but the meetings are a prime place for newcomers to hear the common suggestions of our program. Propose to change to "not cross-talk or advise others."

14. Choosing the style (e.g. step, beginner, speaker) of an individual meeting. Currently it is decided by individual meetings' attendees. Proposal to move that decision to the monthly group conscience meeting.

15. Creation of a service-body about all online meetings which could handle issues like Zoom security, raise issue in GSC through our rep.

16. Rotation of meeting leaders
The spirit of rotation is important for all service positions. What is a reasonable length of service for a meeting leader?

One proposal: Term for a meeting leader is one year, after which the spot is put on the list of open positions. The leader can continue to serve until the spot is filled. They can volunteer again when another spot opens.
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