02 September 2023 EGGA Group Conscience - Minutes

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02 September 2023 EGGA Group Conscience - Minutes

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02 September 2023 EGGA Group Conscience - Minutes
In attendance (6): Scott J, Deb, Dagmar, Xander, Andy N, Andy

1. Serenity prayer.
meeting opened with serenity prayer

2. Choose a notetaker.
- Andy for today

3. Approval of August minutes https://gaais.org/topic1157
6 ayes - minutes approved

3. Reports:
Report from GSC:
Andy N : we have recently received the a portion of the proposed bylaws (the by-laws are being released in sections). As the group rep - Andy N would like to make available to everyone, please contact Andy N who will forward the proposed by-laws. Andy N is happy to receive feedback and forward it to the GSC, alternativly (members) are welcome to attend the GSC themselves.

Agenda Items

4A. EGGA co-chair.
No volunteers – tabled for next month

4B. David volunteers as Friday leader
(Tabled for next meeting so that David can be in attendance to answer questions)

From EGGA Group Conscience Discussion Whatsapp Chat : David : "I am willing to chair Fridays but would like to make it a focus on newcomers. Since moving the newcomers meeting to 20:45 attendance has gone down. Maybe the regular EGGA meeting on Fridays could adopt this focus?"
The interpretation of the proposal by David was discussed - clarity is required for further discussion. David not in attendance.
Discussion ensued
Motion was separated into 4 sub sections:

4B-1 David as EGGA Friday leader.
Concerns were raised regarding David leading the Friday EGGA meeting.
Motion to table the motion until the next EGGA meeting so that David is available to answer questions:
6 x aye, motion passes

4B-2. Friday style to change to beginner
Not relevant as it is dependant on 4B-1, which has been tabled.
4B-3. EGGA as a whole chooses the base format of the meetings.
no motion to change this.
Concerns were raised that the Saturday leader is not using the base format - including a cross talk statement.
4B - 4 Allowing individual meetings to choose the style of the meeting.
Moved to the end of the Agenda

4C. Wed and Thurs meetings need leaders.
Discussion ensued
Proposal of second role for tech - i.e. meeting has a host, with a seperate co-host to assist with trolls etc. Furthermore - training would be an advantage.
Further discussion ensued.

5. Rotation of meeting leaders
(Moved to the end of the agenda)
The spirit of rotation is important for all service positions. What is a reasonable length of service for a meeting leader?

One proposal: Term for a meeting leader is one year, after which the spot is put on the list of open positions. The leader can continue to serve until the spot is filled. They can volunteer again for an open spot one month after stopping.
Discussion ensued.
Moved to the end of the agenda

6. Adding the Traditions to the opening readings
(No motion proposed)
Person who proposed it is not here.
A Member recalled discussing it with some members - to increase awareness. The traditions are important - its not a trivial matter. suggests that meetings choose.
Member mentioned the need to read traditions at every meetings. It might be helpful to add it to topics on occassion - or perhaps to add the topic to the corresponding month (Jan = Tradition 1, Sept = tradition 9) ...
Member - lets not add lengthy reading. we have some good readings for not needing to do that - new comers are looking at us waiting for us to get to the meat! their games area click away. something like a tradition reading might become white noise - it loses its meaning.
Member - some traditions are really important for newcomers to know -they are already in the mission statement.
no motion proposed.

7. Raise hand feature (instead of * in chat)
(Tabled to next meeting)
Motion: To amend the meeting script to say "If you wish to share, please use the Raise Hand feature, found under the Reactions button or More menu. Phone users can dial *9."

Rationale: This would replace using the asterisk which is from the time when meetings were held on Mumble. The raise-hand feature automatically puts people in the order they raised their hand making it easier for the meeting leader to keep track. In addition, people dialing in on the phone can use raise-hand when they do not have access to the chat, making it more inclusive.
tabled to next meeting

8. Electing a second representative to the GSC
(Tabled for next meeting)

9. Group cohesion questions. Should we change this to an annual group inventory?

* Are we carrying the message?
* Is the group stable/growing?
* Do you feel safe in the meetings?

Meeting closed with the serenity prayer
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