07 OCT 2023 EGGA Group Conscience Minutes

European Group of Gaming Addicts (EGGA) business agendas, notes, topics, and discussions
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07 OCT 2023 EGGA Group Conscience Minutes

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07 OCTOBER 2023 EGGA Group Conscience – Minutes
In attendance: (8) Scott, Xander, Dagmar, Denny, Gina, Bergur, Andy N., & Erich.
Chair: Scott, Minutes keeper: Denny

2. Approval of September Minutes
8 ayes. Minutes approved.

3. Reports:
Report from GSC:
Andy N. : Slowly working through the bylaws.
Question: who takes care of troll issue: GSC or groups?
Each group handles their own security protocol and can meet anywhere they like.
GSC's website committee manages the calendar, two Zoom rooms and their technical settings,
one of which is the password setting that Zoom requires to be in use.

Agenda Items

4A. EGGA-co-chair
No volunteers. Tabled to next month.

Xander asked to add topic to agenda – “Internet Area” – They would manage online platform.

4.B Friday leader Questions:
David had proposed to volunteer as Friday leader back in August and focus it as Newcomer meeting.
EGGA group would like to discuss directly, with him, ask questions get some clarity on topic.
David not in attendance at September EGGA Group Conscience meeting and unable to make today’s meeting.
Tabled to next month when hopefully he can attend.

5. Leader Spots open: Wed.Thur.Fri.

6. Security Protocol

Much discussion of Trolls. New Password seems to be working. However concerns regarding participants feeling safe in meeting. Are the trolls recording?
Discussion of using waiting room for people and not allowing entrance to meeting until a person has finished sharing.

Proposal was made to use Waiting Room. Leader will notify unknown people they will be let in when person sharing has completed.
Seconded. Passed > Unanimous . 8 AYES

7. Leaderless Meetings

Proposal : De-List meetings that are leaderless for 2+ weeks.
Seconded. Passed. Unanimous. 8ayes.

All other topics tabled due to end of meeting time
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