EGGA Jan 2024 Group Conscience Meeting Notes

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EGGA Jan 2024 Group Conscience Meeting Notes

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Attendees: Xander (Chair), Andy N, Andy, Julian, Robert, Denny, Martha (Co-chair), Bergur, Joseph
Meeting Opened at 2:47 pm ET with the Serenity Prayer
Andy read the 12 Traditions

Andy moved to accept the minutes of the previous meeting. Robert seconded. Motion passed. 3 approvals, 3 abstentions.

Listing of Service Positions:
Chair: Xander until June 2024
Co-chair: Martha until June 2024
GSC: Andy until June 2024

Second GSC delegate: No volunteers
Second EGGA WhatsApp admin. Robert volunteered and was approved unanimously.

GSC report: Question from this group about setting up an intergroup for the online meeting. GSC said it wasn’t their responsibility to set that up and noted that they were having trouble filling existing positions. Primary rationale for this intergroup was to address security issues and GSC has agreed to create a Zoom security committee to establish general procedures for Zoom security and make recommendations.
Long process of incorporating GAA. By-laws have now been approved.
Motion to approve report passed unanimously.

Motion to re-schedule GCM to third Saturday of the month, effective next month (February 2024), approved unanimously.

Motion to close future GCMs with the responsibility statement instead of serenity prayer. Motion passed with six ayes and three abstentions.

Discussion: Martha mentioned that at the last group conscience meeting, she had heard that the group had voted to change the time of the group conscience meeting from 2:45 pm ET to 3 pm and that was why she had posted the announcement of today’s meeting as starting at 3 pm ET. Since others thought it was still scheduled for 2:45 pm ET, she went back through the minutes as far as August 2023, but could find no record of this change having been approved. Consensus was to keep the start time at 2:45 pm ET.

Robert suggested that there be a list of trusted servant positions included in either the WhatsApp group or in the forums. Denny suggested that the minutes include statements of who the trusted servants of the group conscience meeting were. Xander said he was willing to include the list in the agenda for each month’s group conscience and Robert said that would be satisfactory.

Meeting adjourned at 3:40 pm ET.
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