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April 2024 GCM agenda

Posted: Sat Mar 30, 2024 7:33 pm
Service positions:
Chair - VACANT
Co-Chair: Martha (June 2024)
GSC Representative: Andy N (June 2024)
WhatsApp Group Admin: Deb (April 2024)
WhatsApp Group Admin: Robert (July 2024)
1. Note taker
2. Prayer for serenity
2a. Reading of the traditions
3. Approve minutes of March.
4. Reports of service positions
4a. Chair
4b. Co-Chair
4c. GSC Representatives
4d. WhatsApp Group Admins
5. Election of new GSC representative(s)
6. Election of Zoom security representative.
7. Any other business?
7a. Request to post text of the Serenity Prayer in the meeting chat, submitted by Jaroslav.
7b. Request to read the Steps and Traditions at the beginning of the meeting and the Ninth Step Promises at the end, also submitted by Jaroslav.
7c. Motion to add zero-tolerance statement to the format, submitted by Martha.
8. Are we carrying the message?
9. Is the group stable/growing?
10. Do you feel safe in the meetings?
11. Close with the responsibility statement. "I am responsible, when anyone, anywhere reaches out for help, I want the hand of GAA always to be there. And for that: I am responsible."

Re: April 2024 GCM agenda

Posted: Tue Apr 09, 2024 9:45 pm
Notes from April 2024 EGGA GCM
Present: Martha, Rob, Mike, Brianna
March minutes not available for review.
Xander has left the fellowship, so Martha is stepping up to chair. She is willing to serve out the balance of his term and asked for a co-chair. No one stood.
GSC report (Mike): Updates to FAQ, refining mission statement, no updates re lawyer with expertise on NY non-profit law. No reports of troll/zoom-bombing activity as of last meeting, LitCom ramping up. Xander and Adrienne co-chairs, but Xander has left and Adrienne will not be available. Spirituality committee on hiatus.
Income $211, no expenses.
WhatsApp admin (Robert): No report
Second GSC Rep: no one stood.
ZSC Rep: no one stood.
Motion to post text of serenity prayer in meeting chat, made by Jaroslav, who was absent. Seconded by Robert. Motion passed with 2 in favor and 1 abstention.
Motion to read steps and traditions at beginning meeting and to read ninth step promises at the end, submitted by Jaroslav. Mike questioned the need for a set series of readings, especially in meetings that are well attended, but said it might be suggested if attendance was low as it was a good reading. No second.
Motion to add statement re zero-tolerance of disruptive behavior and harassment, submitted by Martha, seconded by Mike. Mike asked how we would handle reports of this behavior. Martha said she had been thinking that the host ask the victim to show a screenshot of the harassment. Assuming that the screenshot confirmed the harassment, the offender would be booted. Mike mentioned that this behavior could also occur outside meetings, to which Martha replied that such occurrences would be outside the scope of the EGGA GCM. Vote 1 aye, 1 abstention, with suggestion to re-visit next month.
Are we carrying the message? Newcomers frequently present, comfortable sharing. Frequent inquiries via helpline and emails.
Is the group stable/growing? Definitely more opportunities for service work, but group is stable/growing.
Do you feel safe during meetings? For the most part, but not always aware that not everyone may feel safe.

Respectfully submitted in service,