2022 November Group Conscience minutes

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2022 November Group Conscience minutes

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23 November 2022
Meeting begins at 10am
Martha, Adrienne, Olivia, Patty, and Jennie are present initially

Martha opens meeting with silence and serenity prayer

No formal agenda
  • Martha gives her view on Wednesday women's meeting: Steady consistent group of attendees, generally 5-7 people. Asks if there are any suggestions or concerns about women’s meetings. No suggestions or concerns provided.
  • Mailing list. Martha reminds folks that there's a mailing list and anyone who'd like to be added let Martha know and she’ll add you.
  • Now using GAA Just For Today readings. Martha notes that she's switched from NA’s Just For Today readings to GAA's JFT as the basis for discussion now that GAA's materials are available.
  • GSC and subcommittee reports: Adrienne's connectivity was poor so she provided and update via WhatsApp, copied below.
  • Meeting adjourns at 10:11 with just Martha and Jennie remaining!
From Adrienne:
  • The November GSC meeting is combined with the December meeting which is changed to the first Sunday in December. The GSC meeting will resume its regular schedule in January.
GSC subcommittees:
  • LitCom released the Daily Readings (with corrections for gender language). As more GAA readings are finished, they will replace the AA & NA adapted readings. Various members are working on translating the website into different languages. There are also projects in place to support face2face meetings.
  • The website committee has a new subcommittee to address search-engines so that we are easier to find.
  • The incorporation committee is finalizing its bylaws and that process is moving apace.
If anyone has any questions or suggestions, please address them to me here and I will either answer them directly and/or add them to the agenda.
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