2023 Dec 20 Group Conscience minutes

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2023 Dec 20 Group Conscience minutes

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2023 12-20 Women’s Group Conscience
Present: Martha, Jamie, Lizzie, Jennie
Chair: Martha
Note-taker: Jennie

1. GSC report from Adrienne via Martha: the bylaws are almost completed

2. Requested from Adrienne to change the script: remove the line about emailing the group.
There were no objections, so this will be removed.

3. Zoom Security Committee
The GSC passed the following resolution: “That a Zoom Security Committee is created and that all website committee members and any elected reps from the online groups are voting members. The ZSC is empowered to make decisions about the account-wide settings, security, and maintenance of Zoom1 and Zoom2. ZSC does not decide group protocols for troll control, but may help design possible protocols for groups to consider. ZSC reports to GSC.”
Martha is chair of the committee, and as a member of the website committee is a voting member. The group meets the first Sunday of the month in Zoom 2.
Floor opened for expressions of interest in serving as women’s rep; Lizzie expressed willingness to serve. No other expressions of interest.
Lizzie was unanimously elected as a women’s group rep to the zoom security committee.

4. Requested change to the script: update announcements to include WhatsApp chat link for June meet-up
There were no objections, so this will be added.

Meeting adjourned
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