2024 Feb 20 Impromptu Group Conscience

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2024 Feb 20 Impromptu Group Conscience

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After the Monday women's group meeting, members were asking about a couple of issues and it was decided to hold an impromptu Group Conscience on these.
Four members were present.

The issue of sponsorship had been raised. A member asked for the Group Conscience to permit reaching out to a member who is not on WhatsApp to enquire if she has space for a sponsee and would like this availability to be shared in chat after the meeting (in "!" format with her number).
Motion put by Adrienne, passed unanimously.

A second motion was put forward to enable the announcements (which still have the Meet-up in Virginia) to be updated in between Group Conscience meetings.
Motion put by Lizzie, passed unanimously.

A motion was put forward to end the meeting by Adrienne (also the French were arriving as we ran over!) Passed unanimously.
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