MINUTES - GAA Meditation Meeting Group Conscience JULY 5 2024

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MINUTES - GAA Meditation Meeting Group Conscience JULY 5 2024

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LINK to MINUTES in GOOGLE DOC- https://docs.google.com/document/d/1LnR ... ue&sd=true


A. WELCOME. 4 members attended today’s meeting.

B. REVIEW and APPROVAL of MINUTES. Minutes approved unanimously.


1. VOTING MAJORITY in GC. Changed quorum parameters from less than 7 attendees: unanimous. 7 or more, 70% majority to the following 4 or less attendees requires a unanimous vote, otherwise a simple majority (1 greater than 50%). Abstentions do not affect a unanimous decision. Unanimous approval.

2.CURRENT SERVICE TERM/SUBBING PROTOCOL. Revisit and Consider Revisions.

a) Changed language related to substituting in meditation leader terms of service. Previously the language stated that leaders could not substitute during the 3 month hiatus post 6 month term, but fill in at a meeting if no one showed up after the meeting had been going for 5 minutes. Unanimous approval. The new language is as follows.

Leaders are encouraged to serve for 6 months at most, then step away for a time for the health of the group and the leaders. It is recommended, but not mandated, that people take a three month break. Replacement leaders will be sought, and assisted in leading meetings where necessary. Members who have stepped away are eligible to substitute.

b) How are terms tracked, and how is the tracking? Not addressed and is moot given members can serve more than 6 months should they choose to do so. Will be removed from the agenda.

c) How do we find new leaders, who is responsible? Not addressed.

d) What happens when no member steps up to serve as a leader in a vacant Meditation Meeting? Does it come off the calendar? If so, what is the time-frame for removal? It was suggested this be looked at on a case by case basis and in this instance the group considered the Friday, 7pm EST meeting. It was unanimously agreed this should come off the calendar despite the current leader’s all-out effort to engage a replacement. The current leader will make arrangements to have the meeting taken off the calendar.


a) What is the current status of vacancies?
- Wednesday. Elke expressed interest in leading Wednesday's meeting, which is currently leaderless. Unanimous.
- Friday. No leader.
- Saturday. Current leader wants to step down, seeking replacement.

b) Group Conscience Leader. Currently there is no protocol around appointment and service limits; what should they be? Noted current interest expressed by members, will need to address this at the next meeting.

c) Do we want to add a vice-chair? Tabled, though members thought it was a good idea especially when the regular lead could not attend.


a) Review approval of applicant questionnaire. (see supporting documents below).Not addressed.

b) Will we allow temporary leadership appointments for small amounts of time? Do we make this an exception, and not announce it to potential service members? Not addressed.

c) Can meeting Leaders “job sharing” a meeting, e.g., every other week? Not addressed.

5. GSC REPRESENTATIVE. Follow-up regarding GC volunteer status? The GSC rep was on vacation.

6.CREATE a MEDITATION LIST based on meditations offered in the group for members to access outside meetings. Is this feasible? (Requested by meditation attendee). Not addressed.

7. WHO OWNS DOCUMENTS GENERATED OUT of this GROUP? e.g. Script, How to be a Meditation Leader. Not addressed.

D) NEW BUSINESS. Is there anything else that needs to be addressed?

1.Time of Group Conscience Meeting. Do we want to change it? It was noted that this GC runs up against other nearby meetings happening the first Saturday of the month that make it a challenge for GC members to attend. Agreed to put up a poll asking for input about other times - 2nd Saturday of the month, same time (does not conflict with other meetings) or 2nd Sunday after the meditation meeting.

E. REPORT FROM ZOOM SECURITY. Did not get to this.

F. REPORT from GSC. No report, GSC rep, on vacation. Minutes from the most recent meeting are here (Note - no minutes since March) https://www.gamingaddictsanonymous.org/ ... a00bb6cd3f.

Next meeting. August 3, 2024
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