Group Conscience minutes 1 December 2022

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Group Conscience minutes 1 December 2022

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Present: Nathan, Olivia, Steven, Adrienne, Jennie, Lori, Tom

1. Meeting begins with the Serenity Prayer and 2nd Tradition Reading

2. Minutes from the previous meeting approved unanimously

3. Election of Chair to begin in January.
This is Olivia’s last month as chair. The person who we’d elected as co-chair can no longer do it, so we need a chair and a co=chair. Chair puts agenda together each month, co-chair takes notes and then steps up to become chair. The term for each is 6 months. No one volunteered to be chair. Steven doesn’t have 3 months, but would be willing to be co-chair. After some discussion, we decided to experiment with ad hoc approach to chairing for now, as follows:
  • We will keep the group conscience on the calendar for the first day of every month
  • During the social time after any meeting anyone can raise a concern that they would like to see on the agenda for the next group conscience. At that point, the group will ask someone to volunteer to be chair for the next group conscience and they will take charge of the agenda.
  • If no one raises any concerns ahead of the scheduled group conscience, the group conscience for that month will be cancelled.
4. Election of Co-Chair to begin in January:
Steven was put in the waiting room; the remaining people unanimously approved him to begin as co-chair in January

5. Other business?
Adrienne makes a motion to include a link to the GAA daily readings page as part of the meeting script, both in the list of suggestions for people to look at and as part of the resources section along with WhatsApp etc.
The motion passes unanimously.
Adrienne will make updates to the script.

Close with the Serenity Prayer.
Date of next meeting: Thursday, 5th January 2023.
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