Group Conscience Minutes for April 3, 2023

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Group Conscience Minutes for April 3, 2023

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Meditation Group Conscience: April 3, 2023

Members in attendance: Adrienne G, Jennie, Xander H, Lori, Tom L, Andy, Margalo, Olivia M

Meeting Agenda:
- Elect a second GSC rep
- Meditation meeting script

Meeting opened with the serenity prayer.

Discussion on adding a second GSC rep. Jennie was recommended. There was discussion. A vote was held – Jennie was elected by unanimous vote.
The previous meditation meeting minutes were read. There was a motion to accept the minutes and a second.

There was a discussion to move the google doc to the GAA Meditation forums so that everyone has access to it.

The new script was shared and read through. Discussion was had on changes to the script. There was a motion to accept the changes and a second. The vote was unanimous to make the changes to the GAA Meditation script.

Discussion was had on the topics and discussion at the GAA GSC meeting.

Meeting was closed with the we version of the serenity prayer.
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