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Group Conscience Meeting 3 July 2023

Posted: Mon Jul 03, 2023 1:40 pm
by Andy
Minutes: Meditation Group - Group Conscience Meeting - 03 July 2023

In Attendance:
  • Tom L (chair), Lori, Andy, Jennie, Elke.

Meeting Opened with Serenity Prayer & reading the Third Tradition.

Former meeting minutes:
The minutes from the former meeting were accepted.

Agenda items:
Report Back From GSC Committee.
  • Jennie and Andy reported - Jennie shared the link for the former meeting, the next GSC Meeting is on 9 July 2023
Appoint a second admin for the meditation whatsapp group
  • Lori volunteered, group voted - 3 aye, 1 abstain - motion passed.
Approve guideline suggestions / advice for finding a meeting substitute (following from previous group conscience meeting) (as prepared by Pamela:)
[*] Guidelines for finding a Substitute

1.Send out a request for a substitute via Whatsapp GAA Meditation Leaders group. Include day/date.
2. Leaders respond to request with yes, no or unsure at this time (due to possible scheduling conflicts).
3. If no one responds, repost if the time frame allows.
4. If no one can cover, the meeting goes forward without a designated leader and members present can determine how the meeting will proceed.
  • Vote: 4 Aye, 1 Abstain, motion passed -
Meeting Leaders
  • To be added to the agenda for the next group conscience meeting

Motion for next business meeting:
Meeting Leaders


We closed with the Serenity Prayer.