Dec Minutes & January Agenda - Group Conscience

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Dec Minutes & January Agenda - Group Conscience

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Here and attached are the AGENDA for upcoming Group Conscience and MINUTES from December meeting.

1/3/2034 Updated agenda (new business)

GAA Meditation Meeting Group Conscience Meeting
Each member has a voice and a vote, please limit shares to 2 minutes.

1. Welcome. Serenity Prayer and 2nd Tradition
Higher power grant us the serenity to accept the things we cannot change, the courage to change the things we can and the wisdom to know the difference.

For our group purpose there is but one ultimate authority - our group conscience as guided by power greater than ourselves. Our leaders are but trusted servants; they do not govern.

2. Review and Approval of minutes. Minutes are below or can be found at the GAA Business site (Meditation Group - GAA Group Conscience (

3. Unfinished Business

A. Decision-making. How are decisions made in this group? Is it by quorum or what?

B. Recruitment (Chair, Leaders, and Subs).
i. Modify/Accept Proposal.
ii. Implementation? How do new leads get oriented?

C. Time of Group Conscience Meeting. Poll results, finalize changes.

4. New business
A. Link to Whatsapp Groups in the leaders
B. Update Script in Whatsapp Group to include
moment of silence & list of current leaders.
B. Rep to Zoom Security Group.

5. Report from GSC. Jennie to report.

6. Close.
A. Next meeting: to be determined.
B. Serenity Prayer

GAA Meditation Meeting Group Conscience Meeting 12/4/2023
Attendees: Pamela, Jennie, Elke, and Xander.

Each member has a voice and a vote, please limit shares to 2 minutes.
1. Welcome. Serenity Prayer and 2nd Tradition
2. Review and Approval of minutes. Minutes approved (Meditation Group - GAA Group

Conscience (
3. Unfinished Business
A. Recruitment (Chair, Leaders, and Subs). Pamela asked for feedback and approval of recruitment materials. It was decided more of the fellowship should have a look and offer feedback about these materials before they’re adopted. In particular, the group felt more people should be part of the decision-making, though no quorum is established; the question of a quorum or consensus decision making will be brought to the next Group Conscience Meeting. (Note: see recruitment proposal in the supporting documents.)

B. Troll Protocol. It was suggested and agreed this item is off the agenda due to the existing and available meeting security measures. It was noted security measures could change based on need and decisions made outside the meditation group. If the latter occurs it is assumed such changes will be communicated to the membership/group leaders.

C. Meeting Management. Pamela noted a number of the concerns about meeting management could be addressed with the “Recruitment Proposal” that includes a description of meeting leader expectations. With that the following items were discussed.
i. No participants show up, how does a leader handle this? It was agreed by consensus meeting leaders remain in the meeting for the full time period, in particular, to be there should someone show up during the hour seeking support.
ii. Last minute cancellations by leaders, how do we want to manage this? Discussion made clear there was no way to control for last minute cancelations, as life happens, and leaders do their best to get coverage. When no leaders show up, due to last minute cancelations or otherwise, the current substitute guidelines note - participants would essentially fend for themselves.
iii. Update Substitution Guidelines. Add language to item 3 - If no one responds, repost the request and if there is no response to the repost send your request to individual meeting leaders.
iv. Not addressed. Frequency of meetings? Keep it every day?

D. Time of Group Conscience Meeting. It was agreed to put out a poll to see the best day and time for members to attend this meeting.

4. New business
I. Other new business?
5. Report from GSC. No report, no GSC meeting due to no quorum.
6. Close.
A. Next meeting: January 6 at 10am EST.
B. Serenity Prayer
Current GAA Meditation Leaders and sub availability (as of 12/06/23).

Monday: Steven
Tuesday: Lori
Wednesday: Jonathan
Thursday: Elke
Friday: Morning -Pamela (sub anytime); evening Dagmar
Saturday: Tim (sub weekends only)
Sunday: Nathan
Subs: Adrienne (can sub after first of the year) 
SUPPORTING DOCUMENTS ___________________________________________________________________________

Proposal - Recruitment of Meditation Group Leaders
1. A notice of need is sent out on a regular basis via Whatsapp Meditation Group, in addition to the ongoing scripted request in meditation meetings.
2. A "Meditation Leader Description” is available and linked to on the WhatsApp GAA Meditation Group & Leader pages, as well in the Business Forum Meditation Group.
1. Have 30 days abstinence and attended 10 meditation meetings.
2. Lead and prepare for a weekly 1 hour meditation meeting.
3. Select meditations from a variety of sources to share or lead your own meditation.
4. Be on time for your meeting, preferably no less than 5 minutes before the start time.
5. Post a meeting notice 10 - 30 minutes prior to your meeting on General WhatsApp Groups, Meditation WhatsApp Group, and any other groups you belong to.
6. Follow substitute guidelines if you are unable to lead your meeting. Post requests for a substitute on Whatsapp - Meditation Group & Meditation Leaders Group and/or directly to current group leaders.
7. Provide information about your availability to substitute, this information is included in Group Conscience Meeting Minutes and helps other leaders know who they can call on.
8. Check WhatsApp Meditation Leaders Group and Meditation Group regularly to respond to substitute requests. Respond yes or no to these requests. This helps the requesting leader know who and who is not available.
9. Last minute cancellations are discouraged, with the understanding these happen on occasion. If it cannot be avoided, reach out ASAP for coverage, following substitute guidelines.
10. If you switch days with another meeting leader announce this in the Whatsapp Meeting Leaders Group and Meditation Group.
11. Regularly assess your capacity & availability to lead/sub and inform the Group Conscience if this changes. Consistent absences, tardiness, and last minute withdrawals from leading or a commitment to substitute affect our common welfare and ability to support members. These actions may indicate you have too much on your plate or need assistance. It’s okay to step back or reach out for assistance.
12. If you decide to step back as a leader, inform others via Whatsapp Meditation Leaders and the Meditation Group.
13. Bring to the Group Conscience any concerns or questions about your group.
14. Attend the Group Conscience whenever possible to help guide the Meditation Group.
Experienced leaders help support new leaders in learning their role, this includes:
o Review of job description
o Access to & review of meeting leader script.
o Run through on how to use ZOOM.
o Review of Troll Guidelines
o Review of substitute guidelines.
o Orientation to Business Forum, Group Conscience, and how to use WhatsApp to assist you in your role.
o Co-leadership at first few meetings to assist new leader in meeting management.
“GAA Meditation Meetings are led by people like you! And being of service in this way can be a vital part of your recovery and the recovery of others in this fellowship. If you’re interested in leading just respond here or talk to a meeting leader, the next time you're at a Meditation Group. 30 days abstinence and attending 10 meditation meetings are the basic requirements.
“If you’re looking to be of service and appreciate meditation the GAA Meditation Group is in need of people like you! To learn more, respond here or talk to the Meditation Leader at your next meditation meeting. 30 days abstinence and attending 10 meditation meetings are the basic requirements.”
“Are you looking for ways to be of service to others in GAA? How about leading or becoming a substitute leader for the Meditation Group? Any Meditation leader would be happy to talk with you about what leading involves and if it's right for you! Just respond here or reach out in your next Meditation Meeting to get things started. 30 days abstinence and attending 10 meditation meetings are the basic requirements.
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