Group Concience 6 jan 2024

Business discussion, agendas, notes for the Meditation Group
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Group Concience 6 jan 2024

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- Review and Approval of minutes. Approved unanimously.

Unfinished business:
- Decision-making. How are decisions made in this group? Is it by quorum or what? No result.
- Recruitment. Agreed to research and create a solution to service member count problems. Needs continuation in further meetings.
- Day/time of group concience. Agreed unanimously to use highest voted in poll, which is 9am EST on the 1st saturday of the month.

New Business:
- Link to whatsapp groups in leader script. Uncovered.
- Update script in whatsapp group to include moment of silence & list of leaders. Uncovered.
- Rep to zoom security group. Uncovered.
- Report from GSC. Uncovered.
- Quality control on meditations from outside sources. Uncovered.
- Proposal to reduce number of meetings. Agreed that this should be a last resort option, research options to increase engagement first. Needs continuation.
- Optional leadership training program. Uncovered.
- Leader removal process. Uncovered.
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