2 MARCH 2024 AGENDA Meditation Group Conscience

Business discussion, agendas, notes for the Meditation Group
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2 MARCH 2024 AGENDA Meditation Group Conscience

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Agenda can be viewed in PDF format at this link: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1WeonAX ... sp=sharing

GAA Meditation Meeting Group Conscience Meeting
March 2, 2024

- Any documents/references under discussion are included after the agenda, under “Supporting Documents.”
- Decision making - less than 7 attendees: unanimous. 7 or more, 70% majority.
- Each member has a voice and a vote, please limit shares to 2 minutes.

1. Welcome. Serenity Prayer and 2nd Tradition
Higher power grant us the serenity to accept the things we cannot change, the courage to change the things we can and the wisdom to know the difference.

For our group purpose there is but one ultimate authority - our group conscience as guided by power greater than ourselves. Our leaders are but trusted servants; they do not govern.

2. Review and Approval of minutes. Minutes are below or can be found at the GAA Business site (https://www.gamingaddictsanonymous.org/ ... fbbd82b804)

3. Unfinished Business.
A. Rep to Zoom Security Group. Note - see msg from Jenny and Zoom Group info below.
B. GSC Rep Update and Need for new Rep. Pamela reports back. Note - See Jenny’s message from WhatsApp below.
C. Link to Whatsapp Groups in the leaders script. What’s the concern?
D. Follow up on research by fellows about integration literature on the benefits of service to individual recovery into the meeting script (Tim)
E. Revisit Recruitment and Appointment.

4. New business. Is there anything else that needs to be addressed?
A. Script. Who can edit? How does it get edited? Note - see Tim’s suggestion below, copied from WhatsApp post. Script Link - https://docs.google.com/document/d/1QPz ... sD1So/edit
B. Any current edits needed?
• Zoom Directions. Are these complete?
• Update Leader Script to include the GAA Announcements page. Suggested edit: "If you haven’t already, please visit the GAA website @ http://gaais.org/ for daily readings, the meeting handbook, info on sponsorship and more. Here you’ll also find current announcements, including info about meet-ups and GAA service opportunities - www.gamingaddictsanonymous.org/announcements/

5. Report from GSC. Minutes from most recent meeting are here - https://www.gamingaddictsanonymous.org/ ... a00bb6cd3f. Also, included below.

6. Close.
A. Next meeting: April 6, 2024
B. Serenity Prayer

Current GAA Meditation Leaders and sub availability (as of 12/06/23).
Monday: no leader
Tuesday: Lori
Wednesday: Xander
Thursday: Elke
Friday: Morning -Pamela (sub anytime); evening Dagmar
Saturday: Tim (sub weekends only)
Sunday: Nathan
Subs: Adrienne (can sub after first of the year)

Group Conscience feb 3rd 2024
Post by TimB » Sat Feb 03, 2024 10:13 am

• Minutes from previous meeting: Unanimously approved.

• GSC not attending business meeting: Fellow takes issue with the reason that the GSC acts as an intermediary between the individual meetings and centralized discussion on fellowship issues.
Leader will try to contact GSC about attendance.

• Research will be committed by fellows about integration literature on the benefits of service to individual recovery into the meeting script.

• What are the requirements of voting in a decision?
- Consensus?
- Voting?
Proposal: less than 7 attendees: unanimous. 7 or more, 70% majority vote. 5 for 1 abstain

• Recruitment: Discussion ensued about onboarding documentation. Fellow will research and create proposal for onboarding process.
- Proposal: Created onboarding documentation is optional reading material. 5 for 1 abstain
- Proposal: Onboarding of new service members. New proposals are required to attend the group conscience where they will (not) be voted in. After being voted in they will be educated by another leader. 5 for 1 abstain
- Proposal: Change meeting script meeting leader announcement to reflect that candidates need to join group conscience to be voted in. 5 for 1 abstain

Meeting script link: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1QPz ... sp=sharing

“Hey, meditation folks! At today's GSC meeting we passed the following resolution: “Zoom Security Committee is created and that all website committee members and any elected reps from the online groups are voting members. The ZSC is empowered to make decisions about the account-wide settings, security, and maintenance of Zoom1 and Zoom2. ZSC does not decide group protocols for troll control but may help design possible protocols for groups to consider. ZSC reports to GSC.”
As one of the groups that uses Zoom 1 for its meetings, this group can elect reps for the ZSC (anyone is welcome to attend, but only elected reps get a vote). Consider whether you might be interested in serving, and let’s take this up at our next group conscience (which falls on Jan 1, so we may want to reschedule!).
Note that the ZSC only decides about settings that affect all groups using Zoom 1 or Zoom 2, not about how individual groups run their meetings.”
ZOOM Security Group meets the first Sunday of each month at 12:30 EST. Discussion of Zoom security settings such as required Zoom account option and password settings for the zoom1 and zoom2 rooms. Not for deciding troll protocols or other security issues decided by individual groups.

Hey folks. After some reflection, I’ve decided it makes sense for me to step down as the GSC rep for meditation. I’m no longer a regular at the daily meetings and the group conscience is at a challenging time for me. I am happy to share my experience as GSC rep with anyone who might be willing to step up, and hopefully at the next group conscience a new rep (or two!) will be elected. Once a rep is elected, they can register using the form at https://gaais.org/gsc and will get added to the email list.

TIM’s SCRIPT EDITING SUGGESTION (from WhatsApp discussion)
“Currently I'm (Tim) the owner of the meeting script. If you want edit rights feel free to send out an access request and I'll verify that you are who you say you are and why you need the rights.
From my perspective anything that is broken or spelling mistakes or whatever can be edited on the spot, but anything that impacts the meaning behind the words in the script would need to be discussed with and approved by the group first. However, if anyone has a problem even with doing these small edits proactively, I'd be happy to talk about that as well.”

2024 2-11 GSC Minutes
Members present: Adrienne (women’s), Jennie (meditation), Erich (Toronto), Andy N
(EGGA), Johanna (trustee), Tim (trustee), Jeff (trustee; arrived at beginning of Item 3 in
old business)
Non-members present: Pamela
The chair read the prayer for unity.
Standing items
1) Serenity Prayer
2) Request for Note Taker: Jennie volunteers
3) Establishment of Quorum (need 6)
a) We were initially short of quorum but began with the standing items, which don’t require quorum.
b) We achieved quorum at a quarter past the hour.
4) Approval of January 14, 2024, notes: approved w/3 ayes, 2 abstentions. No amendments
5) Incorporation Committee report (Tim S)
a) Highest priority item is getting lawyer familiar w/NY nonprofit law to review bylaws and write the “authorizing indemnification” section that we were unsure about. Have had a hard time finding someone to do that, are trying new avenues. Next step following approval will be choosing directors (trustees) for the nonprofit; our bylaws require 5.
6) Webmaster report: none
7) Zoom Security Committee (ZSC) Report submitted via WhatsApp:
a) There have been no confirmed reports of trolls or Zoom bombers since the last meeting. One meeting had something happen that might have been either a Zoom bomber or a technical issue. The attendees left the meeting and went back in and were able to proceed with no further problems.
b) The question of how to report issues came up. At this point, an affected meeting leader can post something in the meeting leaders chat or an attendee can relay the issue to the group’s representative on the Zoom security committee.
c) It was noted that the meeting was not listed on the calendar. Martha said she would notify Scott.
d) Martha tried clicking the link showing the settings the committee is empowered to make decisions about, but was prompted to sign in. She said she would notify Scott of that as well.
8) Literature Committee report: Absent
9) Spirituality Committee report: on hiatus
10) Treasurer report: $3,546.13 in PayPal Account. Unable to access Wells Fargo account to confirm amount but is usually $2,000.
a) Discussion: OOMG was supposed to have established their own donation site; we are unaware of what their prudent reserve is. Adrienne makes a note to bring this up with Tony, the OOMG chair.
11) Statement by the Chair:
a) Officially welcomes Erich as Toronto rep!
b) Adrienne has upcoming surgery and won’t be able to chair the March meeting. Tim agrees to chair the March meeting so long as Adrienne provides support on agenda creation.
Old business:
1) Add to the literature approval process that items in front of the GSC may be returned to the literature committee for further work before GSC approval to send out to groups.
2) Revisiting motion from July 2023 (or deciding to let this go): ““Leave it to LitCom to select an editor for now 1. Motion passes with 5 ayes, one nay, one abstention. It was recommended to put this on this month’s agenda for time purposes, as the tradition is to revisit motions immediately when there are any nay votes.
Johanna notes that item 1 does not need discussion because this is already part of the established approval process, and item 2 was resolved at the December GSC meeting (“After discussion, there was a motion to rescind the previous vote but not choose editor today. The motion passed unanimously.”) Full minutes here: viewtopic.php?f=2&t=1201&sid=e00fe69d8e ... 346f69b48b
Motion to remove items 1 and 2 from the “old business” section of the agenda passes unanimously.
3) In Feb 2021 when the new website went live, GSC decided to allow new and updated materials on the website. The Literature Committee was tasked with collecting feedback from the fellowship and revising the materials. There are five webpages, one flier, and four pamphlets ready. They are shown in the Literature Committee spreadsheet's "Approval process" tab on https://gaais.org/service-structure. We'll need to review GSC literature approval process https://gaais.org/post4#p4 and decide how many rounds of approval process to do and what pieces to include in each round.
There are 9 items waiting for GSC approval to send out to the fellowship for feedback. The discussion for the GSC is: which pieces to send back to Lit Com, which to send out, and how to group them for sending out. Few GSC members had read all of the material in question; we went through pieces one by one.
Motion: that “Twenty Questions” pamphlet is ready to be sent to the fellowship. 6 ayes, one abstention. Motion passes
Motion to approve “Is Gaming Addiction Real/Recognizing Gaming Addiction” pamphlet as ready to be sent to the fellowship. 6 ayes, one abstention. Motion passes
Motion to approve “Meeting Kit Checklist” pamphlet as ready to be sent to the fellowship. 6 ayes, one abstention. Motion passes
Motion to approve “GAA meeting flier” pamphlet as ready to be sent to the fellowship. 6 ayes, one abstention. Motion passes.
The group discussed the Steps intro webpage and had a few concerns:
● Lack of context: where would this appear on the website? Is this intended as an introduction to the list of the Steps themselves? A general intro to the program?
● Not inspirational: gives basic info but doesn’t inspire anyone to do steps. Would love to capture transformational power.
● Should we emphasize that the steps are not just “a suggested program of recovery we’ve found useful…” but that they are our program of recovery? The idea is not to say this is the only possible program of recovery, but that the steps are the program of recovery at the heart of GAA.
Motion to send back steps intro to Lit Comm. Rationale: need more context, more powerful description that would give people motivation to work the steps, and discussion may be needed about "a program" vs "our program." Passes unanimously.
Motion to extend for 15: Passes unanimously.
GSC discussed which if any of the “ready to send to the fellowship” items should be sent out. Because the meeting kit checklist and meeting flier go with the Building Local Fellowship pamphlet, it was suggested that they not be sent out until that pamphlet is approved for sending out.
Motion: send out 20 questions and recognizing gaming addiction together with a 2 month timeline. Passes unanimously.
Jennie agrees to spearhead getting these items out to the fellowship for review following the procedure outlined here https://gaais.org/post4#p4, with help from Pamela and Adrienne.
The group notes that Scott’s been trying really hard to get folks to participate in Lit Com. What does Scott need to get the help he needs to get revisions done? How can GSC help?
There was a suggestion to ask groups to add a mention of lit comm to their announcements, if willing.
There was discussion of challenges in getting feedback. Ideas included -
● Using polls to get feedback.
● Making announcements at the end of meetings.
● Allowing comments but not editing on the google docs
Meeting closes at 20 past the hour (13:20 PST
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