Group concience minutes March 2nd 2024

Business discussion, agendas, notes for the Meditation Group
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Group concience minutes March 2nd 2024

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Minutes group concience 2nd of march 2024
Minutes approval: → ✅ Unanymous
Unfinished business:
- Rep to Zoom Security Group. → No interest in this meeting. Attending leaders agreed to report back on trolls in “Whatsapp Online Meeting Leaders Group”.
- GSC Rep Update and Need for new Rep. → Keep it on the agenda. Meditation group business chair will link to gsc minutes in group concience. → ✅ Unanymous
- Link to Whatsapp Groups in the leaders script. What’s the concern? → Nobody remembers what this is about. Dropped.
- Follow up on research by fellows about integration literature on the benefits of service to individual
recovery into the meeting script (Tim) → Deferred to next meeting
- Revisit Recruitment and Appointment:
- * Meeting leader onboarding process
- * - Allow temporary appointment of leader for an empty spot on the calendar with the requirement for that leader to show up at the next group concience to be “Oficially sworn in”. This temporary appointment decision may be made on the sole discretion of one trusted leader. → ✅ Unanymous
- * - Temporary adoption of a leader first, as voted in above. Then in the group concience, the candidate may be asked questions by the group to see if they are able to commit(do they meet the minimum requirements etc). Candidate is put into waiting room, group discusses and votes, candidate is let back in and hears the results. → ✅ Unanymous.

New Business:
- New meeting leader → Voted in unanymously for ✅
- Proposal: Leaders are free to edit the script to correct spelling/grammar/formatting problems but any change that impacts the messaging of the script needs to be voted on in the group concience. → ✅ Unanymous.

GSC report: GSC is distributing literature for review by the groups and individual members

Future items(April):
Any current edits needed?
 Zoom Directions. Are these complete?
 Update Leader Script to include the GAA Announcements page. Suggested edit: If you haven’t
already, please visit the GAA website @ for daily readings, the meeting
handbook, info on sponsorship and more. Here you’ll also find current announcements,
including info about meet-ups and GAA service opportunities -
5. Report from GSC. Minutes from most recent meeting are here - ... fc51c6ba00
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