LGBTQIA+ Group Conscience minutes

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LGBTQIA+ Group Conscience minutes

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LGBTQIA+ Group Conscience
29 March 2024
Lead by Whitney, Minutes by Lizzie

1. Meeting opening
The meeting started with a moment of silence to allow our Higher Power to enter the room, followed by the “we” version of the Serenity Prayer.

Topics for discussion were raised and agreed. Some topics were on the agenda but were deferred to the next meeting due to lack of time.

2. The Title for the group
We had an open discussion about the use of various acronyms (currently the group is named LGBTQ+, but welcomes anyone self-identifying as part of the wider community). Options raised included LGBTQIA+, Queer and Rainbow. The letters LGBTQIA+ seemed to be the most common format seen by members elsewhere.

Motion: to hold a vote between letters (such as LGBTQIA+) and words (Rainbow or Queer) (Whitney)
Seconded (Jesse)
The majority of members present voted for letters, and the title LGBTQIA+ was carried

There was discussion of where this title should be used. Fellows shared their experience of email addresses and how best to include the description in this.

Motion: for an email address to be requested in the format LGBTQIAplus (Whitney)
The motion was carried unanimously.

3. Group description
The Women’s meeting has a statement about who is welcome at a meeting, and this was read out for members to reflect on. There was a discussion on how to do this, and whether we need a statement of who is not welcome, or some guidance on behaviour at meetings. Any description should be present in the Meeting description on the calendar. Andrew posted a link to some guidance on behaviour management for fellows to explore:

Motion: for the Group description “This is a closed meeting for anyone who identifies as part of the LGBTQIA+ community” (Whitney)
Seconded (Lizzie)
The motion was passed unanimously.

4. Meeting time
The issue of meeting time was raised. There was a discussion about whether the time would work for other LGBTQIA+ members who were not able to attend today.

Motion: to ask in the LGBTQIA+ group for members to suggest other times, and to put a poll together on these. (Andrew)
Seconded (Whitney)
The motion was passed unanimously.

4. Next meeting
Members agreed we needed a closed Recovery meeting next week, to be held at the same (USA) time, pending confirmation from LGBTQIA+ members. (This will be at 18:00/6pm CET in future).

5. Meeting script
Due to shortness of time, the group agreed that the Women’s meeting script could be adapted, changing the group title and description to the ones agreed today, and that further work could be done on editing the script at a later date. Lizzie agreed to undertake these agreed adaptions and share with the group before the next meeting.

6. Meeting Close
Meeting ended with reading the we version of the Serenity Prayer.

Issues to be carried forward to the next meeting:

Meeting script (including a discussion of “what counts as off-topic conversation” – with the suggestion to include “anything that relates to this group and which affects our sobriety”.
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Re: LGBTQIA+ Group Conscience minutes

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LGBTQIA+ Group Conscience
26 April 2024

We discussed a member of GAA who posted insensitive comments on the main WhatsApp, then attended our meeting last week provoking reactions from some members.

Motion: to ban this person from the Friday meeting and from joining this WhatsApp.

Motion was seconded, and after discussion we went to a vote, the results of which were:

3 yes
1 no
2 abstain
(There were six total attendees present)

Our group was then presented with how to interpret these results, since there were more yes than no, but yes was not a majority of attendees. The group decided by informal consensus that no one single vote counting method had been established by our group, so there was no literal guidebook to go by. While some discussion ensued, before we formalized a vote counting method, a member made a further motion.

Motion: to table discussion of the ban of the person for a next group conscience.
That motion was seconded.
After brief discussion, the group voted unanimously to table this discussion. (6 yes)

Thus, no one is banned from the group or from meetings of the group.

No regular group conscience or set of rules (Roberts rules, etc) has been formally adopted by this group. No group conscience is scheduled but any member may call one and the group can decide how to carry that meeting out.
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Re: LGBTQIA+ Group Conscience minutes

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LGBTQIA+ group conscience
Friday 10 May 2024

Acting chair: Lizzie
Attending: chair + 7

The group opened with a moment of silence to let our higher power enter the room.
Jesse led us in the serenity prayer.

Acting chair started by expressing their concern about the impact of recent events. These were:
A fellow had posted in the main WhatsApp group their view that our new group meeting should not be permitted.
This fellow had subsequently chosen to attend an LGBTQIA+ meeting, stating they didn't know if they were part of the community. Their motivation was unclear. They had not attended any further meetings.
One member has stopped attending meetings as a result while others feel unsafe.

The group has only just started meeting, and concern that this situation could lead to its abrupt ending. Various options exist for limiting access and screening new people were shared, including removing the meeting from the calendar. Opened the floor for discussion of ideas and sharing of views.

Members shared their ESH on the topic.
some AA LGBTQIA+ groups announce their meetings, while others ask you to email the group first for details. Balance of protection of group members versus visibility to other community members.
Our group meetings are announced in the main WhatsApp, the Newcomers group and the GAA Signal chat. Was this attracting negative attention?
Several members felt that the situation with the fellow was over but were upset that the impact had persisted for us.
There was support for future interactions with newcomers being evaluated on a case by case basis.
Two members currently announce the LGBTQIA+ meeting at meetings they attend, but it isn't on the list of official announcements. Agreed that it wasn't appropriate to ask all leaders to share meeting details as they would not necessarily be able to answer questions.
The Women's group puts the list of all WhatsApp groups (which includes the LGBTQIA+ chat) in the announcements at the end of each meeting.
A member suggested we could follow the example of the Women's group, who seemed not to experience this kind of intrusion.
We needed to be able to set boundaries to protect LGBTQIA+ members and future members.
Members expressed how important it was to be able to express their concerns.

There were practical suggestions made.
To refrain from posting the meeting announcement in the general WhatsApp groups.
To announce the LGBTQIA+ group chat but not the meeting, to avoid attracting unwanted attention.
To ensure all meetings have a co-host, in case of disruption.

The following motions were put forward:

Motion: For this group to adopt Roberts’ Rules of Order.
Proposed Andrew, seconded Deb
Passed unanimously

Motion: To add a note to the meeting script (wording to be formulated) that disruptions of a certain type would not be tolerated and that such disruption would mean the fellow involved would not be permitted to attend any future meetings.
Proposed Eli, Seconded Deb
Vote to be held over, with Eli to post the draft wording in the LGBTQIA+ chat for comment.

Motion: To ask the GSC for the list of all GAA WhatsApp chats (which includes the LGBTQIA+ chat) to be considered for inclusion in the general announcements for every group.
Proposed Andrew, seconded Jesse
Passed unanimously.

Motion: To adopt a policy to only announce the start of the LGBTQIA+ meeting in the Women's group chat and the LGBTQIA+ chat.
Proposed Andrew, seconded Eli
Passed unanimously

Motion: To continue the meeting (already 15 minutes over time) for a further 15 minutes.

Proposed Lizzie, seconded Andrew
Passed unanimously

Motion: To ban Herschel from LGBTQIA group meetings.

Proposed Ben, seconded Jesse

Members were concerned about how this worked in practice. It would create antagonism to inform him, but we could tell him if he were to try and attend in future. It was further agreed that members would formulate an explanation to share with him in the event he try and attend. explain why he had been banned and give a route to appeal. This notification could be posted in the Zoom waiting room.

Motion passed, 6 votes for, 1 abstention

Motion: To propose a quorum of 4 for the LGBTQIA+ group conscience
Proposed Eli, seconded Elke
Passed unanimously

Motion to close

We closed with the serenity prayer and hugs
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Re: LGBTQIA+ Group Conscience minutes

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LGBTQIA+ Group Conscience
11 July 2024
Lizzie leading and taking minutes
4 attending

1. Meeting opening
The meeting started with a moment of silence to allow our Higher Power to enter the room, followed by the “we” version of the Serenity Prayer.

Topics for discussion were brought across from the WhatsApp chat, where they had been discussed but had not yet been approved at a Group Conscience. Items after 2. were deferred to the next meeting as we were not quorate.

2. Moving meeting to Thursday
It had been agreed in the WhatsApp chat to move the main meeting to Thursday but this had not been voted on at a Group Conscience.

People agreed this worked for them. Would people turn up on Friday? Checked and clarified that we’re not on the calendar.

Motion to approve the new meeting on Thursday (Jaela). Seconded (Eli).
Unanimously approved

3. Starting new meeting on Tuesday - for next Group Conscience
A new meeting had opened up this Tuesday, open to female allies in the Women's Group as well as LGBTQIA+ members.

Had not initially considered having two meetings a week. Did we want to consider meeting less often?
Members happy to have two meetings weekly.
Some script changes needed to cover the Tuesday meeting – for example, links to the LGBTQIA+ WhatsApp.
Discussion of whether membership of the WhatsApp chat is open to female allies? Could have female allies – we do have one already. The description has been changed, but our female ally is still very much welcome. Argument that our ally has been “grandfathered in”. Suggestion that maybe other some female allies would be helpful?

1 member left so meeting was no longer quorate – the rest of the meeting approvals will be held over to the next meeting.

Do we need a specific LGBTQIA+ only meeting, or would female allies be welcome at both meetings? Currently the same people are attending both meetings.

Jaela can commit to doing service by leading for Thursday but not Tuesday due to an external commitment.
Eli more available on Tuesday due to work pressures. Prepared to lead on Tuesday maybe twice a month.

4. Quorum - for next Group Conscience
It was discussed that we might need to consider revising the Quorum down to three, to facilitate decisions. To be raised for discussion at the next Group Conscience.

5. Script issues - for next Group Conscience
General agreement that we might be better with a separate script for the Tuesday meeting.
General agreement that we might also need a Group Conscience script
Eli volunteered to look at these.

6. Existing proposed script changes (previously proposed via the WhatsApp chat) - for next Group Conscience

a. Waiting room notice
For Newcomers in the Waiting Room
It looks like you might be new here -- hi! This is a closed meeting for anyone who has a gaming problem (or thinks they might) and identifies as part of the LGBTQIA+ community. For clarity: the acronym “LGBTQIA+” corresponds to “lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, questioning, intersex, asexual”. If you identify (or think you might identify) as part of the community, this meeting is for you. If not, we gently encourage you to check the GAA calendar at to find a meeting that might be a better fit. To keep the meeting safe, we have adopted a strict policy regarding certain behaviors. We ask that everyone be inclusive and accepting of each other. Attendees who engage in harassing or otherwise inflammatory conduct may be removed.
Do you identify with the community (no need to specify how) and agree to follow the rules of the meeting?

Suggestion to add:
The additional “+” stands for other sexual identities, including pansexual and Two-Spirit as well as all of the other identities not encompassed in the short acronym.

b. Beginning of Meeting Disclosure
(during discussion of meeting etiquette)
This is a closed group for anyone with a gaming problem who identifies as part of the LGBTQIA+ community. If you identify (or think you might identify) as part of the community, this meeting is for you. If not, we gently encourage you to check the GAA calendar at to find a meeting that might be a better fit.
We have a strict policy regarding harassing and inflammatory conduct. Anyone who experiences harassment during the meeting is encouraged to notify the meeting’s host or co-host.
If such behavior occurs during this meeting, or in the case of clear trolling, the meeting leader may temporarily suspend meeting activities in order to address it. If that happens, don’t worry -- the meeting will resume once the disruption has been handled.

c. Notice For Suspended Members in the Waiting Room
Unfortunately, you have engaged in speech or conduct, either in a meeting of this group or another GAA forum, which has resulted in multiple members of this meeting feeling unsafe, or which has otherwise been determined by this meeting's group conscience to be harassing and/or inflammatory, and which if not addressed, could undermine the environment of recovery for meeting fellows. As a result, it has been decided by a vote of this meeting's group conscience that you will not be permitted to attend this or future meetings. If you would like to appeal this decision, you may send an email to <email>

All script changes were held over to the next Group Conscience meeting

Action items:
Rework language for Female Allies meeting
Language on + notice
Revise script and copy for both meetings
Revise notice on membership for WhatsApp group to include female allies? To go to Group Conscience
To formulate Group Conscience script
To post amendments in chat prior to next Group conscience

For next week, Jaela to provisionally lead on Thursday
Lizzie to lead on Tuesday.

Motion to close the meeting (Jaela, seconded Eli)
Approved unanimously.

The meeting ended with hugs.
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