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LGBTQIA+ Meeting Script

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GAA LGBTQIA+ Meeting Format
zoom host key is: 551188

Welcome to the Friday LGBTQIA+ meeting of Gaming Addicts Anonymous. My name is _ and I am a gaming addict.
Let us open the meeting with a moment of silence for the gaming addict who still suffers, followed by a prayer for serenity:
Higher Power, grant me the Serenity to accept the things I cannot change, courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference.

This is a closed meeting for anyone who identifies as part of the LGBTQIA+ community.

Welcome to anyone new or coming back. We check-in not to embarrass you but so we may get to know you better. You will have a chance to introduce yourself and share your story during the meeting. Your anonymity will be respected. After the meeting, you are welcome to stay in fellowship, and ask for phone numbers. We also encourage you to turn on your camera as we have found this increases the environment of recovery in meetings.

I asked a friend to read the GAA mission statement:

GAA Mission Statement
Gaming Addicts Anonymous is a fellowship of people who support each other in recovering from the problems resulting from excessive game playing. G.A.A. is not affiliated with any political agenda, religion, or outside interests. Our single purpose is to abstain from gaming and to help others find freedom from the effects of gaming addiction. We have no membership requirements beyond the desire to stop gaming.

Our groups share their collective experience and the principles that helped them. Each of us is free to try out or disregard the suggestions of the program and other members. We have no professionals and no affiliation with any professional or government services. Our groups are financed by voluntary contributions from members and accept no outside funding.

I asked another friend to read the newcomer reading “What can I do?” [Leader’s Choice to read or not]

Here are some of the actions we took that helped the most when we were new to game-free living. With experience, we see them as a foundation in how to stop gaming.
1. Abstinence one day at a time. We made our #1 goal to simply not start that first game between now and the end of the day. We don’t even think about staying off games for a week or a month or a year. We take it one day at a time.
2. Attended meetings. We came to some meetings, introduced ourselves, listened and asked questions. We tried out some of the suggestions we heard from those successfully staying off games. We came early and stayed late.
3. Asked for help. We spoke up whenever we were struggling, accepted some help, and got to know other people who are working on the same things.
4. Listened to others’ stories. We read and listened to the stories of other members, and tried to identify rather than compare.
5. Sought a sponsor and used a sponsor. We found someone who had successfully stayed off games long-term and learned from them.
6. Got involved in service. We tried to be of service to the fellowship: chaired meetings, greeted newcomers and shared our experience, strength, and hope with people who are struggling. It became a bright spot of our lives to watch others recover and rebuild their lives.
7. Kept fresh the memories of the pain and problems from our last gaming binges.
8. Coped with the withdrawal symptoms, knowing they pass with time.
9. Kept a written list of activities handy, to use when an urge to game was mentally blocking those other options out.
10. Allowed ourselves relaxation time, exercise, and plenty of sleep.

Here is our meeting etiquette:
• Use the Zoom “Raise Hand” feature, type an * (asterisk) , or unmute if you want to share.
• Type an ! (exclamation point) to volunteer.
• Type a ? (question mark) to indicate a question. Please note that I may ask to defer discussion of your question until the close of the formal part of the meeting.

Our goal is to listen and hear each other, not "cross-talk" or make suggestions.
This means:
  • Not speaking/chatting during shares
    Not speaking directly to or about someone else's share during your own share,
    We share experience, strength, and hope by speaking from our own experience using “I” statements.
    Please refrain from mentioning specific games, or gaming systems as this may be triggering to other members.
    Fellows are welcome to discuss anything that relates to the LGBTQIA+ community experience and which affects our sobriety.
GAA does not promote specific higher power concepts. This Group welcomes anyone who identifies as part of the LGBTQIA+ community.

[If 10 or more are present, read the next two items; otherwise, skip to the discussion.]
Anyone willing to be our spiritual timekeeper for today? Our format is that we share for 5 minutes each until everyone has had a chance to share. Time keeper will let you know when you have 1 minute left. At this point, please wrap up your share.
This is a reading/discussion meeting. Today I will read from (have topic ready)_______________ and the topic will be related to the reading.
Suggested Readings: ... for-today/, GAA Daily Readings or or Handbook topics by calendar ... ndbook.pdf ... trated.pdf
Chapter 6 of NA basic text is the discussion about the traditions:

{{This is a Speaker Meeting. Anyone with (90 days) of recovery is welcome to share their experience, strength and hope. The speaker will qualify for 10 minutes and discussion will be based around their topic.}}

Discussion is not limited to the topic of the day, but encouraged. Please keep cross-talk to a minimum and try to refrain from profanity. If you are new, you can introduce yourself or share your struggles.

Discussion (until 5 minutes before the end of the meeting)

Thank you all for being here and helping me and each other stay off games one more day.
The 7th Tradition States that:
Each G.A.A. group ought to be fully self-supporting, declining outside contributions. We have no dues or fees.
If you would like to make a contribution, here is the link. ... ributions/
You are a member if you want to be a member and desire to stop playing video games (Per our Third Tradition) ... raditions/

Please join our LGBTQIA+ WhatsApp Group
Here is a list of all GAA WhatsApp groups:,
there are more resources at, and
a link to our Daily Readings: ... for-today/

Anyone who is available to be a temporary sponsor, please put an exclamation point in the chat along with your contact information.
Also, if you're open to phone calls with other members of the fellowship, we invite you to give your phone number, privately or, if you're comfortable, in the room's chat.

Are there any announcements?
Our group conscience meets on ...
We need help answering inquiries from newcomers one day per week on the email hotline. For more information and to volunteer, write to
The annual GAA anniversary meetup is June 21-24 in the Poconos of Pennsylvania. If interested, fill out the form at*
The European GAA meetup is 13-16 September near Utrecht, Netherlands. If interested, contact: or join
Step Workshop 2024 is Saturdays at 12:00pm ET in Zoom 2. See for more information.
The GAA Literature Committee is always looking for new members. To join the committee, one must have 6 months of continuous sobriety and have attended 3 literature committee meetings (to vote). Please consult the meeting calendar for dates/times in your area. (they meet monthly).

Does anyone have game-free time that you’d like to mention and celebrate with the group today? To show newcomers that the program works, all those with a year or more please put a star in the chat.

(Close with the affirmation of your choice:)

(Some possible Prayer/Affirmations for the Day):
  • Higher power, grant us the serenity
    to accept the things we cannot change
    the courage to change the things we can
    & the wisdom to know the difference.+

    May I be gentle with myself today. May I be open to help from higher power and the fellowship, which can lead me to recovery.

    Just for today, I accept life on life’s terms. Just for today, I am grateful for all of the blessings in my life.

    I am open and willing to accept that reality is exactly what it is at this moment.

    I seek the serenity that acceptance brings,
    the wisdom to distinguish lower desire from higher purpose,
    and the courage to act as guided by power greater than myself.

    •Together we can do what we cannot do alone. Just for today, don’t game no matter what. And keep coming back, it works if you work it, so work it, you’re worth it.

    • May we have the humility to realize our ignorance, admit our mistakes and recognize our need for higher power. Help us to praise rather than criticize, to empathize rather than to discourage, to build rather than to destroy.

    I am responsible: When anyone, anywhere reaches out for help, I want the hand of GAA always to be there. And for that, I am responsible.
Now we come to the best part of the meeting: Hugs! Hug your screen, hug yourself, type “hugs” in the chat.

We are an anonymous fellowship, so who you see here, what is said here, when you leave here, let it stay here.
Now that the meeting is over, we traditionally allow any newcomers to ask questions of people who remain, and allow anyone to share who didn't share during the meeting. Questions or shares? (If in Zoom) Do we have a volunteer Zoom host for a continued chat after the meeting? If not, we'll be closing the meeting.
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