Minutes Zoom Security meeting 05 May 2024

Committee of group representatives plus website committee for deciding global Zoom1 and Zoom2 settings and helping groups minimize problems with trolls
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Minutes Zoom Security meeting 05 May 2024

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Minutes Zoom Security meeting 05 May 2024
Opened at 12.45pm Eastern
Lizzie as acting chair in Martha’s absence
2 attending

1 Report on Troll activity
2 Membership
3 Zoom security and logging into Zoom in other fellowships
4 Updating trolling section of meeting leader guide

Meeting opened with the Serenity prayer

1 Report of Troll activity
No trolls in women’s meetings, 12 step group, meditation group or other groups we had attended.
One racist incident in OOMG. Unclear whether this was a troll or a sick newcomer? To follow-up

2 Membership
Discussion of who and how someone can become a member of the Zoom Security group
Someone has to be voted to represent the group – to attend a relevant Group Conscience for the meetings you attend and put yourself forward. Members can represent more than one group but only get one vote.
Meditation group – a fellow had previously stated her intention to stand for nomination, but didn’t attend the meditation Group Conscience. Carol-Ann had been elected instead (covering two committees), but stated her intention to step down to allow someone else to stand.
All groups who use GAA’s Zoom rooms (1 and 2) are entitled to nominate a representative to this group. We currently have representatives from: Women’s, Meditation, and Step Study groups.

Meetings without a representative:
Tues Night Steps and Traditions
Groupe Courage (Francais)

3 Zoom security and other Fellowships
Lidia spoke about other Fellowships requiring Zoom log-in to attend. She had contacted another Fellowship and they had sent information about this and how they handle it. This has been forwarded for consideration.

4 Updating Trolling section of Meeting Leader guide
Current Trolling section relies on extreme measures and “Co-host all” procedure.
Need to update this to include message that this is an extreme measure for when Trolls are present and that under normal circumstances, less restrictive measures can be implemented.
Lizzie to look at this and bring back a draft to the next meeting for discussion.

Entertained a motion to adjourn
Made and seconded
Meeting adjourned at 1:10pm Eastern

Attendees were invited to stay for an impromptu Zoom Security workshop for new leaders
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