Agenda for GSC Meeting 9 October, 2022

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Agenda for GSC Meeting 9 October, 2022

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Standing Items
1. Serenity prayer and request for notetaker
2. Establishment of Quorum (need 2/3 of registered representatives per the GSC Charter)
3. Approval of September minutes
4. Incorporation Committee
5. Webmaster Report
6. Literature Committee Report

Current Items
7. Statement by the Chair

8. Spirituality Committee Proposal:
Form a spirituality subcommittee of the GSC whose purpose is to expand our ability to communicate about how
spirituality leads to transformation in recovery.

The committee will have 2 primary goals:
1. Develop approaches to talking about spirituality in our literature in a way that gets to the heart of its
transformational power.
2. Address current needs and concerns, including the following: We need to communicate a strong
message of recovery, including the process of connecting with power greater than ourselves in order
to make that recovery possible. We need to provide a safe place to talk about our experiences with
that transformation without fear of disapproval. And we need to continue to help newcomers to feel
welcome no matter what spiritual beliefs they have.

9. Meeting handbook approval comes back to the table with the vote intact. 10 aye, 2 nay is 83% of those
present from September. 1. Update from LitCom and hear objections. 2. Do we want to revisit the vote?

10. Guidelines for writing about higher power: Do we revisit the 8-0 vote on the motion that “To approve the
guidelines for literature as-is instead of asking the groups to approve first.” held at the August meeting

11. Copyrighting the Handbook. Format(s) to publish the Handbook.

12. AOB
- From a member: When are GSC meetings held? Specifically what is the rule or guideline for when GSC
meetings are held? Adrienne’s preliminary answer: Currently GSC meetings are held on the 2nd
Sunday. Meetings may also be called as needed by the chair (according to my predecessor).
Recommend checking Online Meeting Schedule and
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