Agenda and notes for 15 January, 2023

General Service Conference meetings, agendas, and notes.
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Agenda and notes for 15 January, 2023

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Agenda for GSC Meeting 15 January, 2023

Standing Items
  • Serenity prayer
  • Request for note taker
  • Establishment of Quorum (need ⅔ of registered representatives per the GSC Charter)
  • Approval of December Minutes
  • Incorporation Committee Report
  • Webmaster Report
  • Literature Committee Report
  • Treasurer Report - Selection of Treasurer
Returning items
1. Guidelines for writing about higher power: This item was approved 8-0 at the September meeting with no requirement to send this out to the groups. The current question is whether or not to revisit that decision.

2. Further literature publishing decisions regarding format(s) to publish the Handbook.
A. Do we want to discuss these logistical details (which in the future will be handled by GAAIS) here in GSC, or create a subcommittee?
B. (If here in GSC) Do we want to list the book with booksellers? If so, do we want to publish as paperback, e-book, or both?

New items
3. Co-chair. Do we want a co-chair position, someone who can (1) sub for the chair, (2) take notes, and (3) possibly rotate into the chair position.


Our next regular meeting is 12 February 2023

Closing Affirmation and Adjournment
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