[DRAFT] GSC Special Meeting Minutes 3 July 2022

General Service Conference meetings, agendas, and notes.
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Olivia M
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[DRAFT] GSC Special Meeting Minutes 3 July 2022

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1. The meeting opened with the serenity prayer

2. Attendees: 4 Trustees, 7 Meetings Reps (Manhattan, LA, Women's, Meditation, EGGA, OOMG, Tues PM Steps)

3. A quorum was established

4. A discussion was held in light of the response from groups to the communication the GSC sent out regarding banning the disruptive member from GSC funded platforms.

5. Motion to extend the meeting by 15 minutes: 10 ayes, 1 abstain

6. Motion to extend the meeting by a further 15 minutes: 9 ayes, 1 no, 1 abstain

7. Motion to table the subject until the next meeting: 9 aye, 1 abstain

8. The meeting closed with the Serenity Prayer.
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