GSC Minutes, 10 July 2022

General Service Conference meetings, agendas, and notes.
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GSC Minutes, 10 July 2022

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1. Serenity prayer

2. Establishment of Quorum

Present: 4 Trustees. Meditation, Manhattan, Tues Step/Trad, EGGA, LA

A quorum was established.

3. Approval of June Minutes

9 aye - the minutes were approved

4. Approval of Special Meeting Minutes

9 aye - the minutes were approved

5. Incorporation Committee

Action: If nothing to report need to revisit status of the committee.

6. Webmaster Report - including action by Scott on change of domain name.

The webmaster has completed the change to the new domain names for links and emails. A request was made to report any missed changes on the site.

7. Literature Committee Report

Report at next GSC meeting.

8. Hotline Coordinator Report

A Hotliners WhatsApp group has been started and three people have joined to give service besides the Coordinator. The majority of calls are from concerned family members.

Upcoming Items

9. Rewording of communication regarding trolling member

A discussion was held regarding the communication sent to the groups regarding the banning of the trolling member from GSC-managed platforms.

The GSC fully affirms the following:
1. All GSC actions are taken in service to the GAA fellowship.
2. GAA groups are autonomous, except for matters affecting GAA as a whole, as Tradition 4 clearly states.
3. The GSC has no ability, according to our Charter, to control or coerce groups, including in matters of attendance at group meetings. Groups control their own meetings, regardless of how meeting platforms are supported.
4. The following proposal from the April 2022 GSC meeting is hereby RESCINDED:
“Proposal 2. Ban Morgan F. from all meetings on all GSC supported platforms: Zoom, Zoom2 and Mumble; and inform groups that he (Morgan F.) has been banned from the platforms that the GSC pays for.”
5. This proposal, with the rescission, with an appropriate apology, shall be communicated to all groups.

9 ayes, 0 nay, 0 abstain

Motion: add to the email

at the beginning:
"The GSC wishes to apologize to groups for any confusion, lack of clarity and distress caused by our previous action."

and at the end:
"If you would like to offer further actions you would like us to take or suggestions on how to how to handle similar situations, we encourage you to email or bring your comments to your group's GSC representative."

Jeff will draft the email to send to groups and send it to the GSC for final approval.

7 aye, 0 no, 2 abstain

10. Serenity prayer

The meeting closed with the serenity prayer.
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