guidelines for writing about higher power

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guidelines for writing about higher power

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Hi GSC, Here are the guidelines that we've been following for writing about higher power. It seems important that we have group conscience approval for such guidelines because:
1) Such guidelines should be worded in accordance to the fellowship's group conscience.
2) They shouldn't change as Lit Com membership changes or be at the whim of a small number of Lit Com members.
3) Having clearly worded, specific guidelines make it easier for writers to write as guided by the Twelve Traditions and group conscience.

Proposal: That the group reps have a month to check in with their groups if desired and that we discuss rewording and approval of guidelines for writing about higher power in September.

GAA writings that involve higher power have been written generally for inclusiveness. Any extra specificity would imply that the included concepts are more important than the excluded ones. We do not imply GAA opinion on specific higher power or possible outside affiliation.

1. Our definition of higher power is described in the most general sense in Step Two: Power that (A) is greater than ourselves and (B) can restore us to sanity.

2. Each individual has their own concepts of power greater than themselves that can restore sanity. No one is pressured to adopt another person’s beliefs.

3. Our writings sometimes list categories of power that members have used, but they are provided as examples and not as expectations. Categories of power that members use include: deities, spirits, spiritual principles, practices, and teachings, groups of loving people, and natural forces.

4. If someone has multiple ideas of power greater than themselves that can restore sanity, they are encouraged to tap any or all of them. There is no insistence that only one concept be defined or used.

5. GAA is an international fellowship with a wide variety of backgrounds. Our literature does not place any religion, form of spirituality, or higher power concept above or below any of the others. It respects personal choice in such matters.

6. Descriptions and references to higher power are worded generally to work for all concepts. The wording is no more specific than the Step Two definition and does its best to work as well for principles, practices, and groups of people as it does for deities, spirits and forces.
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Re: guidelines for writing about higher power

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I’m fine with this. See you at the meeting.
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