GSC Minutes, 14 August 2022

General Service Conference meetings, agendas, and notes.
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GSC Minutes, 14 August 2022

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Sunday, 14th August 2022

1. The meeting opened with the Serenity Prayer

2. Quorum

Present: 3 trustees, Manhattan Rep, Women's Rep, Meditation Rep, EGGA Rep (2), Guest

8/12 present - a Quorum was established

3. Approval of Minutes of the last meeting as amended

8 aye - the motion carries

4. Incorporation Committee

A report was given on the current status of the committee and a request was made for help scheduling future committee meetings. Adrienne volunteered to help Johanna.

Action: The committee will liaise with Adrienne on how to move forwards

5. Literature Committee

Expect to be able to bring the revised Handbook to the GSC next month for approval.

6. Webmaster

The domain name and email switches have been successful. Search rankings are about the same.

7. Higher Power Writing Guidelines

Motion: To approve the guidelines for literature as-is instead of asking the groups to approve first.

8 ayes - motion carries

8. Check-in with groups post July email

The response from groups has been universally positive in response to the email sent in July.

9. AOB

a. Motion: To always include AOB at the end of the agenda.

7 aye, 2 abstain - motion passes

b. A request was made to ensure the agenda is posted a week in advance of the meetings.

Action: Olivia will produce the agenda and get approval from Ian prior to sending.

10. The meeting closed with the Serenity Prayer

Date of next meeting: Sunday, 11 September 2022, 2:30PM EDT, 8:30PM CET
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