Minutes for GSC meeting, August 13, 2023

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Minutes for GSC meeting, August 13, 2023

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Minutes for GSC meeting, August 13, 2023

We did not have quorum (7 needed, 6 present)
Representatives and trustees present: Jeff (trustee), Johanna (trustee), Scott J (trustee), Andy N (EGGA), Andy SA (meditation), Jennie (meditation).
Notetaker: Jennie

Per GSC decision from 9-12-2021, GSC can hear reports and approve minutes of prior meetings without a quorum.

1. Minutes from the July 9, 2023 GSC meeting were approved unanimously.

2. Minutes from the July 16, 2023 emergency GSC meeting received extensive discussion. Minutes were approved following 3 revisions; the approved minutes will be posted on the forum.

3. Johanna provided a report from the Incorporation Committee. The committee has completed a set of draft bylaws! The incorporation Committee would like the GSC to review and approve of the first 3 sections of the draft by-laws during next month’s meeting. Materials will be sent out two weeks ahead of the next GSC meeting. Effective review and discuss will require GSC members to read the draft text before the meeting; GSC members are requested to set aside time to do this. If you will not be at next month’s meeting, please review the draft text and send feedback/comments in written form.
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