Meeting Minutes January 14, 2024 GSC

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Meeting Minutes January 14, 2024 GSC

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Attendees: Adrienne, Andy, Deb P, Clement, Johanna, Tim, Martha D, and Xander.
GSC Members: Adrienne, Andy, Deb P, Clement (quorum not established)

Meeting started with the Serenity Prayer.

Minutes were approved with the following addition (marked below in bold) added to the minutes under the discussion of the ZSC.

Discussion ensued emphasizing the following points:
i. GSC is not telling groups what to do.
To accomplish this, it was suggested that the proposal be modified so that the committee would represent just those using zoom 1 and 2 and the website committee.
ii. Because multiple groups share zoom accounts (Zoom 1 and Zoom 2, paid for by GAAIS), there needs to be a mechanism for those groups to make decisions together relating to account-wide settings, security, and maintenance
iii. Anyone is welcome to join the Zoom Security WhatsApp group:

Incorporation Committee - chair is working towards the by-laws being reviewed by a lawyer and starting the incorporation process.

Webmaster report - The Zoom Security Committee reported that there have been no reports of troll activity. Adrienne responded that there has been a report of the same troll in two different groups. The troll was removed from one group and a decision on how to deal with the troll is pending in the other group.

Literature Committee - on hiatus until this month.

Spirituality Committee - on hiatus.

Treasury Report: $5411.06 is in the treasury. All approved disbursements have been made.

Old Business

Add to the literature approval process that items in front of the GSC may be returned to the literature committee for further work before GSC approval to send out to groups.

Clarification: According to the current process, step 7 in the flowchart (GSC initiates the approval process) reads as a “rubber stamp” by the GSC to initiate the approval process. The intention of this proposal is to make this a decision point instead.

Discussion touched on numerous other aspects of the literature process.

Meeting closed at 4:02pm with the We version of the serenity prayer. ... sp=sharing
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