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General Service Conference meetings, agendas, and notes.
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* The business of the General Service Conference is discussed. We make decisions by group conscience, guided by higher power. Those elected as a trustee or delegate can vote on all GSC matters. GAAIS staff can vote on issues related to their area.
* Back and forth discussion of different perspectives is appropriate. We strive to be respectful of all.
* Anonymity reminds us to place principles before personalities.
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GSC representatives

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Number of active representatives: 8
Quorum (two thirds rounded up): 6
(<=6 is 4, 7 is 5, 8-9 is 6, 10 is 7, 11-12 is 8, 13 is 9, 14-15 is 10)

Adrienne for Women's group -
Andy N for EGGA group
Jenny for Meditation group -
Paul for Los Angeles group --
Shmully for OOMG --

Jeff -
Tim -

Inactive representatives:
Chris for Boston group
Robin for Rotterdam
Tam for Oceanic group
Scott for trustees

Groups who could have a delegate:
EGGA (one more)
French online
Meditation (one more)
Men's group
Moscow, Russia
Northwest group
OOMG (one more)
Philadelphia, USA
Portuguese online
Toronto group
Tues Night Step Tradition

GAAIS staff
Scott and Martha as website committee
(Staff have a vote only on issues in their work area)

Delegates register with first name, group represented, contact info (email or equivalent), and when their term starts and ends by communicating these facts to or the form at If a delegate misses at least two consecutive GSC meetings without providing written notice for each absence soon after the meeting, the GSC will no longer count the inactive delegate's absence against quorum until such time as the delegate begins attending GSC meetings again.
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