Nick's research on history of service positions in GAA

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Nick's research on history of service positions in GAA

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Here are the results of my research into history of service positions. I can't attend the next business meeting so I will provide my recommendations at the bottom so they can be viewed

Chair and Co-Chair

In November of 2021 we elected Shmully as Chair for 6 month term and Eric G as co-Chair to serve a 6 month term followed by 6 months as chair There are no meeting minutes as far as I can find anywhere on the forums from the entirety of 2022. I'm filling in the blanks here but looks like Jeff filled in as chair and Tony was elected co-chair in January of 2023. This was supposed to be a 6 month term like before transitioning to 6 months as chair expiring at the end of 2023. Tony took over as Chair in September 2023 and we never reelected a new chair or co-chair since.


Matt was elected as webmaster January 2023 6 month term expired in July 2023. Nick was elected as webmaster July 2023. No meeting notes but I was able to deduce this by looking back through my text history. Nick has been serving as webmaster since. We had done some work on website but it is still sitting in limbo.


In 2014 they elected co-treasurers Chris H and Asya for unknown term lengths minimum 1 year sobriety for service in this position

In April 2016 it was decided that the funds in the current account be split between the Online Group and International
Services, in accordance with the plan found in topic1052.html, and that such split take place as soon as
CGAAIS informs the online group that they have designated a Treasurer to receive the funds, and the
CGAAIS Treasurer informs the Online Group Treasurer of the method of transfer. $310 (one year's
costs) staying with the OOG and the rest going to CGAAIS, which will have $200 in yearly costs, $400
for incorporation, and costs for printing fliers and literature.
Vote: 6 ayes, approved.

September 2017. Jeff is elected the new treasure of the OOMG for the next year
-Treasurer is currently the most sensitive position in the fellowship as they will steward a substantial
portion of the money in the fellowship.
-Treasurer needs to be a US citizen

In December 2019 Jeff is still the treasurer

Everything up to and including this point comes from when there was only 1 OOMG and then GAAIS treasurer. There were no individual groups like today where we have numerous independent GAA groups

No mention of treasurer in business meeting notes until January 2023 when it is noted that Rick is treasurer. Note that at this point there is a new OOMG paypal account that has been created since the split off of the many different groups. I assume that the remainder of the OOMG prudent reserve was transferred to the GSC treasury in 2021 when EGGA split off from OOMG but someone who was around back then can confirm or provide more information.


I suggest we elect a new co-chair at the next meeting and try to maintain the schedule of 6 month term as co-chair transitioning to 6 month term as chair and that we don't need a secretary because the co-chair can fufill that role. Proposing that the new co-chair will serve a 5 month term so that they can concurrently rotate to chair in January 2025 when Nati's position as Chair expires at which time a new co-chair can be elected for a 6 month term.

I don't think there is a need for Secretary position at this time because the co-Chair fulfills that role as part of their training.

Historically there have only been a few treasurer's and they have served multi year terms. We also had co-treasurer's at the beginning. I propose 1 year term for treasurer with minimum 1 year of sobriety.

I also researched some possible ways to open a GAA bank account so that we could have more safeguards around our treasury; see this link: ... _GROUP.pdf
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