2-22-24 Business Meeting Notes

Original Online Meeting Group business agendas, notes, topics, and discussions
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2-22-24 Business Meeting Notes

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Present: Tony, Jennie, Adrienne, Nick, Davidson, Oliver

Officer Updates

Treasurer’s report: Not present. Status is unknown.

Updates from GSC: Not present; presented by Jennie
o OOMG will be able to incorporate after meeting with a lawyer
o Zoom Security committee is established.
o There are a few items ready to go out to fellowship including 20 questions.
o Literature committee wants to ramp up and wants volunteers.
o Question back to GSC: Does the incorporation help with local meetings who want to host a local meeting but need insurance?

Webmaster: Will show website to Group Conscience for review

Chair: no update.

Co-chair: there is no co-chair

Is there a co-chair?
a. There is no co-chair. No one volunteers. A co-chair typically is in position for one year and assumes chair after the chair’s one-year term.

Is there a treasurer?
a. There is no treasurer as of now.
b. There is an old OOMG treasury to which no one has access. The last minutes on 2/23/2023 show that treasurer Rick (at the time) indicated that there was $10 present and $5 incoming.
c. Why is a treasurer needed for OOMG? If there is still a need, a new treasurer will need to be chosen.

Select reps to the GSC
a. There is one inactive member who is a GSC rep. There is one open GSC rep.
b. Group conscience chooses Jennie as new OOMG GSC rep.
c. Discussion of OOMG GSC rep rules: There is currently no term limit.

OOMG website:
a. Someone will reach out to old webmaster to understand why this website exists. Website is not currently ready for publication because of outdated meeting list and a broken donate button.

Group Conscience Approved Oliver as new meeting leader Sunday 10PM EST
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