3-28-2024 Business Meeting Minutes

Original Online Meeting Group business agendas, notes, topics, and discussions
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3-28-2024 Business Meeting Minutes

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March 28, 2024 OOMG Business Meeting
08:10pm - 09:00pm EST
Present: Adrienne, Jennie, Nate, Rick , Tony, Nati

Officer Updates
OOMG Chair (Tony): No update
OOMG Co-Chair: there is no Co-chair
OOMG Treasurer (Rick): $16.84 recently added to OOMG, $56.85 in OOMG checking, Paypal is $0
OOMG GSC Representative (Jennie): GSC is focusing on literature approval process. Anyone who wants to help is welcome. Litcom meets the first Saturday of the month.

1. Discussed the purpose and structure of OOMG accounts. There is an OOMG Paypal which sends money to a private checking account that is intended to manage OOMG funds. Rick directly provided account information to Tony who directly provided to the Jennie so that officers have the account information. Tabled for future agenda: discuss how OOMG will manage its funding considering the fact that there is no corporation.
2. Discussed the logistics and concerns around approving & onboarding new meeting leaders. Created a Meeting Leader Onboarding Committee (Adrienne & Rick) which will meet and present at next business meeting. Tabled for future agenda
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