2024 April 20 LitCom Meeting and Minutes

Collaboration on literature for the fellowship, such as a Basic Text, a book of Daily Reflections, and pamphlets that address special topics
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2024 April 20 LitCom Meeting and Minutes

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Attending voting members :
Scott, Jennie, Major

Today's Temporary Chairperson: Jennie

Notetaker: Major


1. Opening with prayer for serenity

2. Approval of the minutes of the business meeting on March 23
viewtopic.php?f=5&t=1231&sid=efd7670046 ... 4529e639df 

Approved by Committee. 

3. Election of new chair for Literature Committee?

L.C will continue with temporary rotating chairperson until we have more participation and members willing to serve for longer terms. 

Jennie serves today as temporary chairperson.

4. Process question: There are various projects/tasks in play. What action is Lit Com looking to take for each of these today?
Options include
Edit as a group in today’s meeting
Identify lead person to recruit others for re-writing between now and next meeting 
Remind GSC to pick editor for projects

Project Status Page :

5. Items sent back from GSC for additional work before going out for approval

5A. FAQ wording and God. Scott to write description, history, and we will send to GSC as step 2 of literature development process
Scott working on  project definition: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1KaA ... HDV74/edit 
Next steps: write definition, history, send to GSC

Action today? >>> Motion to send project definition to GSC. 
Approved by Committee 

5B. Steps Intro. GSC sent this back to LitCom. Comments from GSC members: need more context, more powerful description that would give people motivation to work the steps, and discussion may be needed about "a program" vs "our program"
LAST MONTH: Group made editing notes on Google Docs for the Intro page and will seek to edit next meeting April 20th. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1hA3 ... x9z5w/edit 
Scott drafted a project definition for the Step Intro on the website: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1Dbq ... lZPFc/edit 
Next steps: revise and send back to GSC to send out to the fellowship
Action today? 
>>> Motion send project definition to GSC for this to be treated as a step 2 in the development process. We ask for GSC approval of the project definition. 
Approved by Committee. 

 This would then move to step 2.

5C. About Us. GSC sent back to Lit Com with for revision before sending out.

https://www.gamingaddictsanonymous.org/ ... ic.php?p=9
Next steps: revise and send back to GSC to send out to the fellowship
Action today. Revisions from Scott. Jeanie will report item to GSC on behalf of Lit Com.

Following items are tabled until next meeting due to meeting time ending. 

6. Progress reports over various projects (next steps copied from website, https://www.gamingaddictsanonymous.org/ ... structure/
Stories of recovery
Next steps: Gather more stories
Action today?

7. Service manual. 60-70% done, but been on hold. Jeff elected editor
Next steps: Define project
Action today?

8. GAA basic text. Was in initial stages, Scott collecting items from people over the years. Brought to GSC for green-lighting. In process of choosing editor; GSC is supposed to choose editor or tell LitCom to choose editor. At some point there needs to be an editing team with a lead editor, Scott could bring everything he has to editing team, could start making progress.
Next steps: Define project, choose editor
Action today?

9. Twelve step guidebook. —3-4 people working on guidebooks, unclear how that’s going to move forward. Will we merge things into one piece? Support multiple guidebooks for members to choose from?
Next steps: Define project, choose editor
Action today?

10. Any other business?

11. Close meeting with the serenity prayer.

12. Next Literature Committee Meeting : Saturday. May 18th, 12:00 noon PT, 3:00pm ET.

Useful links: 
Table with status of different projects. https://www.gamingaddictsanonymous.org/ ... structure/ 
Detailed literature development process. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1doi ... 1ZBQY/edit 
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