May 15, 2022 Literature Committee agenda and notes

Collaboration on literature for the fellowship, such as a Basic Text, a book of Daily Reflections, and pamphlets that address special topics
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May 15, 2022 Literature Committee agenda and notes

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1: Prayer for serenity
2: Volunteer for note taker of topics and decisions?
3: Previous minutes are at

4: Meeting Handbook review, Feedback to process
A. Higher power language
B. Shaming language
C. Acknowledgement of emotions
D. Questions
E. General inclusivity
F. Milestones in meeting format
G. Topic schedules

5: CGAA Meeting Flyer download/file.php?id=44

6: Is Gaming Addiction Real? pamphlet review ... n-Real.pdf

7: Building Local Fellowship ... ezu44/edit

8: Twenty Questions pamphlet ... PW8R8/edit
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Re: May 15, 2022 Literature Committee agenda and notes

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Here is some of the feedback we've received on the Meeting Handbook so far. More to come later.

General Thoughts

Higher power language. When talking about higher power, the handbook was worded so that if you substitute any type of power concept for “higher power”, the sentence still makes sense. They make sense when you substitute the program, principles, a single diety, multiple deities, spiritual guides, spiritual practices, loving people, nature or the universe, for example.

One commenter suggests that the general wording sounds “very intellectual”, as compared to the emotional, personal feel when someone is sharing first-hand experience with a specific, cherished form of higher power. Can we somehow improve this?

Shaming language. A lot of language in 12 step fellowships comes across as shaming, and I'd love for cgaa to not do so.

Acknowledgement of emotions. Include more acknowledgement of emotional reactions people may have to the topic, both because a lot of gaming addicts are out of touch with emotions and to help people to have the acceptance and self-compassion that makes change more possible.

Questions. In the questions at the end of each reflection, I like having at least one be about the past and at least one about the present. It encourages people to both share things newcomers will relate to and to be more vulnerable by sharing about current challenges.

Major Changes
None so far

Minor Edits

General inclusivity. I recommend adding at least a sentence or paragraph about general inclusivity - people of all races, nationalities, gender orientations, sexual orientations, disabilities, etc.

Milestones in meeting format. A lot of in person meetings I've been to from other fellowships give a person receiving a chip a chance to briefly "say how they did it." I like it because it gives more recognition of the accomplishment and can be an inspiration to newer members.

Daily topic schedule. Do we want to keep it (and all three schedules) in the handbook? It’s meant for a daily online meeting, rather than a weekly meeting, so maybe it’s better as a webpage than in the book.
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