Meeting Minutes February 12th 2020 - Group Conscious Meeting

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Meeting Minutes February 12th 2020 - Group Conscious Meeting

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1. Discuss problem of, "Newcomers checking out CGAA and the whatsapp group see literature posts that have no explanatory message and make assumptions: they are CGAA text, and/or they accurately depict the CGAA program, or the outside group or text is affiliated with CGAA, and/or religious views in the text are promoted by CGAA."
2. Discuss possible etiquette for posting triggery content.
3. Duration of service positions. (GC chair, admins)
4. How many admins to have.
5. Vote on who should be admin, if we have any volunteers who wish to be of service.
6. Discuss possible template for greeting newcomers or a service position of newcomer greeter to encourage them to participate and familiarize them with the group.
7. Discuss if a CGAA emergency contacts only WhatsApp group should be created for those who only want to reach out for help or who wish to provide it.

People in attendance: 14
Pink haired girl
Josh (GC Chair)
Unco Dan

1. Xander volunteer as timekeeper.
1. Josh, due to lack of volunteer for notekeeper, took over.
1. Scott share - Newcomers are using WhatsApp as a method for checking out what CGAA is all about. Concern that group is more loose than meetings.
1. Propose to align to meeting etiquette or to split group up.
1. Johanna share briefly that has proposal to address agenda topics 1 and 2, but will share later.
1. Ilya share - in favor of approving proposal to make more aligned with meetings.
1. Doesn't like the number of messages in the group.
1. Shmully share - minimal as possible etiquette since the WhatsApp group is the lobby before and after CGAA meetings.
1. Josh share - reminder that GC voted in past that WhatsApp was the lobby and that it was not a meeting.
1. Johanna was encouraged to share her proposal and it was posted

Add this to the forum post with the whatsapp link:

1: Many people may prefer to not auto-download images, either to keep your phone free of excess images or to control what content you look at. <instructions on how>

2: "When you share about things that have been meaningful to your recovery, we encourage you to speak about your own experience. If that includes sharing images or links to text that others have written, please label where it's from, particularly if it is text from another fellowship, contains gaming references, or talks about trauma."


1. Xander - reminder on time of 25 minutes on this topic
1. Pink share - She likes Johanna's proposal for 1 and 2.
1. Alice share - Been doing online recovery for awhile.
1. Need to decide what WhatsApp is.
1. Too much social is overwhelming.
1. Pink abd Martha second Johanna's proposal
1. Ilya raise concern that proposal does not address the too much messages in group.
1. Josh - Too much messages in the group problem to be addressed by agenda item 7.

Vote on Johanna's proposal:
9 Yes, 2 abstain

3. Shmully proposal of 6 months
3. Adir proposal of 1 year
3. Shmully second Adir's proposal
9 Yes, 1 Abstain

4. Ilya proposal of 3 admins
4. Martha second Ilya's proposal
8 yes

4-post vote - Martha share - suggest we try to have admins, 1 in usa/canada, 1 in Europe, 1 in Pacific Rim.

5. Xander volunteer to be admin
5. Concerns raised about requirements to be an admin
5. Scott - proposal of 6 months game free time for admin or GC chair.
5. Josh - lets vote on Xander as admin first then get back to the adhoc proposal as it seems relevant to address even though was not on agenda originally.
Vote on Xander as Admin:
8 Yes, 1 Against
5. Josh - asks Ilya to share why against
5. Ilya - Feels Xander is not able to handle the pressure due to his situation.
5. Scott and Johanna - gently remind GC chair that votes on people should have that person not be in the room when we vote on them. Only should be in room if a question is pointed directly at them.
5. Xander - not sure what Ilya is referring to by his situation and asked for clarification
5. Josh - acknowledges Scott and Johanna, but since the mistake was made, was going to allow Xander and Ilya to discuss briefly.
5. Ilya - mentioned gave up admin role in past because it was too much and that Xander had been mean to him earlier. Ilya was not sure that Xander has the attitude necessary for the admin role.
5. Josh - lets vote again.
5. Xander is asked to leave the room while voting happens.
4 yes, many abstain, 1 against.
Not approved

5 post vote - Johanna - does GC for WhatsApp use only consensus or majority? Oomg uses majority and not sure if we voted on only using consensus for this GC.
(This was unfortunately not acknowledged by GC Chair for some time)
5. Josh - while I am admin in group, I was never voted into service. Do people still want me in?
5. Martha - do you still want to be an admin
5. Josh - yes, I enjoy being of service.
5. Martha second Josh as admin
5. Josh - will someone chair while I step out on the voting process for me?
5. Johanna volunteered
Voting on Josh as admin


5. Shmully volunteer as admin
5. Someone seconded, but it was not written down who.
Vote on Shmully:
8 Yes, 2 Abstain

Josh - propose meeting close
Alice - we still have agenda items to discuss
Josh - we have only 1 hour for the GC. Whatever agenda items were not discussed will be discussed in the next GC.
9 yes

After meeting chat: (relevant as Johanna's question was addressed by Chair)
Josh - not sure we ever voted on consensus vs majority.
Johanna - clarifies what OOMG uses in their GC. (Majority).
Josh - lets use consensus to vote on whether we will use consensus or majority voting in the future.
Josh - Will put voting on voting process as second agenda item, the first being approval of notes from this meeting, then third will be to check for volunteers for admin again. Xander may volunteer again. After that will be the agenda items we didn't have time for. Will start process for getting next GC going.

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