WhatsApp Admin Guidelines for protecting the group

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WhatsApp Admin Guidelines for protecting the group

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The purpose of the below is to protect the group when it does not regulate itself, which 99.5% of the time does this without an admin needing to interfere.  If there is a problem that is not going away, please reference the below guidelines for admins to protect the group, and also for the group to be protected from aberrant admins.

What constitutes kicking a person from the group for protection:

   - Not a gaming addict or threats (Admin to make decision themself)
    - Harrassment or repeated etiquette violations or solicitations. (3 warnings and discuss with 1+ people)

Group Etiquette (found in WhatsApp Group description):

- Share experience, strength, and hope instead of advice
- Avoid debates (including religion, politics, & fellowship business)
- Don't name specific games
- Seek help from a professional or suicide hotline for mental health crises

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