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Second Group Conscience Meeting

Posted: Thu Jun 13, 2019 1:19 am
by Josh
Lets set the date for the next Group Conscience Meeting! Please vote using the link below on dates that work for you. The most popular date will be chosen by June 30th. Last time the most popular date was a Wednesday. I have enabled the poll to allow everyone to see what has been voted on and by who. I did this for transparency and to allow for everyone be able to view expected popular dates and make plans if they wish to attend.

Current Agenda Items:
1. Approve meeting minutes from previous meeting
2.What actions constitute a need to remove someone from the group?
3.Boundaries for use of third party materials? White/black list? Template for sharing potentially triggery material?
4. Vote on GC Chair and sub chair to take over on the next meeting. Josh is temp chair until group votes on chair and sub chair.
5. Proposal to change the WhatsApp Group Chat name. No name proposed as of writing this.
6. Proposal to create a WhatsApp Business Group chat for decision making related to issues in the main group. Suggested time in main group to be one month before being able to get access to this business group.
7. Proposal to make Admin positions in WhatsApp Group a service position with a limited service time. Also to make it so that people are voted into these positions.
8. Determine all service positions necessary to run WhatsApp Group smoothly.
9. Determine period of time service positions will last for before the position is to be voted on for a new replacement.

I am currently running both as temp Chair and Recorder for the meetings until the group is able to vote on an elected Chair and other service positions.

Thanks everyone for a great first GC meeting! Lets work together to make the second one a success as well!

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