Meeting Minutes July 10th 2019 Group Conscience Meeting

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Meeting Minutes July 10th 2019 Group Conscience Meeting

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Attendies: Josh, Johanna, Ilya, Ian, Molly

1) Approve the meeting minutes from last time.
2) What actions constitue a need to remove someone from the group?
3) Should we create a template for sharing potentially triggerty content.  Should we create a blacklist/whitelist?
4) Vote on the Group Conscience Chair and subchair.
5) Should we change the group name?
6) Create a WhatsApp business group?
7) Shall we make Admins as a service position?
8) Decide on all of the service positions necessary to run WhatsApp
9) Decide upon the timeframe for service positions.

Meeting Discussion (each entry preceded by the agenda item number under discussion) :
1) Johanna propose to approve minutes
1) Seconded.
1) Vote (4 yes, 1 Abstain)
Josh taking notes and chairing.

2) Ilya - Harassing, Abusive, or if they ignore Admins could be grounds for removal.
2) Molly - No need for a generic rule.
2) Ian - Same as Molly.  Maybe 3 warning by admins before being removed.
2) Johanna - We need more than 1-2 Admins.  Perhaps a list of topics could be arranged.
2) Johanna Proposal - 
    - Not a gaming addict
    - Threats or harrassment
    - Repeat etiquette violations after multiple warnings.
    - Person who solicites for profit services
    - Admins will discuss with at least 1 other person on cass 2 and 3.
2) Ian - Proposal -
    - Not a gaming addict or threats (Admin to make decision themself)
    - Harrassment or repeated etiquette violations or solicitations. (3 warnings and discuss with 1+ people)
2) proposal by Ian seconded.
2) Vote on Ian's proposal. (5 Yes)

3) Ilya - Doesn’t think we should create lists
3) Johanna - Is there a way to hide content and need to click in WhatApp? (for triggery content hiding) (research after the meeting showed there isn’t a way)
3) Josh - No Lists.
3) Ian -  Create a blacklist
3) Molly - This topic is very subjective.  Against making rules in this situation
3) Josh - Proposal - Table the discussion to the forums for further discussion and research.
3) proposal by Josh seconded.
3) Vote - (5 yes)

4) Proposal - Josh as Chair
4) proposal seconded.
4) Vote (5 Yes)

4) Molly - Subchair should be the timekeeper
4) Ian - Not sold on timekeeper
4) Josh - Timekeeper is not to restrict people.  Simply to announce how long topics have gone on for to assist the meeting chair to keep the meeting moving along.
4) Johanna - Vote on timekeeper  and note-taker at beginning of the meeting
4) Ian - Proposal of the above
4) Josh - Proposal - timekeeper and note taker are volunteers at beginning of the meeting
4)proposal by Josh seconded.
4) Vote on proposal by Josh (5 yes)

Proposal to close the meeting
Vote (5 yes)

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