admin guidance on harassment and disruption

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admin guidance on harassment and disruption

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Guidance to admins on how to handle disruptive posts:
  • If someone is obviously trolling, quickly remove and block the person to prevent further posts that cannot be removed.
  • If a post clearly goes against group etiquette, ask the person to remove or reword it. Point out the relevant part of etiquette.
  • If an interpersonal conflict is being aired, ask both people to move it to a private chat.
  • If a business item is being discussed, ask people to move it the business chat. Business announcements are fine, but discussion can be distracting and disruptive to the recovery chat’s purpose.
Determining harassment and handling it

Harassment is a series of upsetting messages targeted at a particular person or group of people.
  • Messages are repeated, personal, and cross boundaries communicated by the group or the target.
  • They continue after the target asks for the messages to stop or wants no contact.
  • Advances of a sexual or deeply personal nature continue after the target says they are unwanted.
If the harassment is bullying, it often includes these:
  • Personal attacks are posted publicly.
  • Negative rumors about the target have been collected and spread.
  • The harasser tries to get others to join in the attack.
  • Or messages include name calling, insults, threats, or other obvious attempts to cause distress or harm.
The admins and group should handle all aspects of putting an end to harassment. No part of addressing it should fall solely on the shoulders of the target. If the current admins feel unable to handle these tasks due to inexperience or personal involvement, they enlist the aid of experienced members.
  • The aggressor is told to delete all inappropriate messages from private, public, and business channels.
  • The aggressor is told to end communication with the target, both private and public.
  • The aggressor is told that if unwanted communication persists, he or she will be temporarily banned from the WhatsApp group. Bans may be one day, one week, one month, or permanent, depending on severity.
  • If a business item is closely tied to the target person and the aggressor is using it as an opportunity to needle, it is recognized as further harassment.
  • If these issues specific to an instance of harassment are brought to the WhatsApp business meeting, the target should not be subjected to further harm. The targeted person can choose advocates to speak on his or her behalf and does not necessarily need to attend the meeting or listen to the aggressor repeat or justify his/her harassing messages.
For a brief collection of material on online harassment or bullying, see
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Re: admin guidance on harassment and disruption

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Thx for sharing :) Really interesting!
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