[WIP]CGAA book

All are welcome to submit writings here for editing and possible inclusion in literature such as pamphlets, webpages, books or chapters, fliers, or guides. All are welcome to provide feedback on each piece.
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[WIP]CGAA book

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I am Xander, the person who has lead the work on our book (Computer Gaming Addicts Anonymous). I've stopped working on it, as I've recently slipped and I'm going to remove the google drive.

However, I am not going to destroy all the work. Here's the document in its latest state (as of 30-10-2021. It appears google docs copied all the notes along with the text, so nothing is lost except for the revision history.

It still needs work, though. However, those in the relevant whatsapp group didn't respond to a request to take over, so I'm posting the full document here as is for anyone to import in google drive or whatever. It's an odf file (libreoffice - I suggest you use that instead of open office). Multiple Scleroses Office is probably going to mess things up.

EDIT: Poke me for the libreoffice document. I should have been more considerate of the privacy of other people involved. I hope no damage resulted of my error. If it did, please contact me.
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