A suggested Chapter Two for a Basic Text

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A suggested Chapter Two for a Basic Text

Post by Literature_Bot »

Following the previous work here  as a suggested Chapter One by ADH {chapter one}, I would like to suggest a chapter two, a Preamble or Introduction to CGAA.

I think the model is this so far:  Chapter one is essentially a guided questionaire where a person would identify whether or not they qualify as an addict or obsessed person otherwise in  need of  assistance from CGAA.

Chapter two is a broader introduction to a few basics of what recovery is like (especially made for those who have never encountered a 12 step program of recovery), also detailing what it is not.

The majority of it is simply lifted wholesale from the CGAA splash page , top of page, top left  submenu, INFO ON CGAA, from the sections  WHAT CGAA IS AND IS NOT, and from the Submenu, top right:  FOR GROUPS AND MEMBERS,  the selection path PROGRAM OF RECOVERY> THE BASICS.

I have subtracted almost nothing from those selections and have added just a little , designed to transition from the first chapter and into perhaps the yet more concrete actions described in Chapter 3.    I've added the word "soulful" to replace what is perhaps a problematic word "spritual" typically used in 12 step literature, however I am certainly open to the fact that this word may not solve the problems of language surrounding the often controversial topic of a "higher power."    I invite your discussion and critiques, and more importantly, your submissions for literature so that our ever growing fellowship can enjoy the benefits of our shared experience vis-a-vis our own unique literature as a 12 step group.  If you founded your recovery in another 12 step group, such as AA or NA, I hope you find comfort in the use of language which echoes some of the most profound statements from those groups, and if you are not from those groups, I hope you find reassurance in our development of literature which is also unique to our particular dis-ease, and which reflects our particular group conscience.  Anyway, like I said, hopefully if you don't like it, I hope it challenges you to write something you think is more reflective of our group's literature, so we can have some group literature!   I think the "basics' have already been started on the CGAA webpage, thanks to our founding members, and now we continue the process by comment , editing, and sharing of our experience, strength and hope, ON "PAPER" that is!
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A suggested Chapter Two for a Basic Text

Post by ADH »

In the section called "tools of recovery", a small explanation of each item would be appreciated as opposed to simply listing what are some good recovery activities.

Also, on the first page, the final paragraph you mention mention a hyphened word "dis-ease". Is that deliberate or a typo?

Finally, I guess some agreements on formatting would be a good idea.
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A suggested Chapter Two for a Basic Text

Post by Kittrodamus »

I use the word dis-ease primarily because the online literature on our CGAA website, I discovered to my surprise, goes out of its way to kind of cast a doubt on whether or not what we have is in fact a disease.  It says something about addicts not having to admit that this is an actual addiction.  So I'm catering to that split decision, by emphasizing that what we have causes great dis-ease.

On Item one, sure, that's a good idea.
And on formatting, that's no problem.  What I wrote was simply intended to be a draft, and however it is formatted is fine with me.
Thanks for the feedback!  What do you think of the order of the chapters?  Chapter one as per your submission , being focused on "who is an addict" more or less, followed by an introduction to the recovery process, designed especially for those newcomers to 12 step recovery?
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A suggested Chapter Two for a Basic Text

Post by Skald »

My thanks for the fine write up of:  "A Preamble for CGAA".  

I find the piece to be excellent.  
It rings true for me and appears consistent with what I know of CGAA so far. 

The only part that gives me pause is this early sentence: "Our groups share their collective experience and the principles that helped them, but C.G.A.A. has no dogma, no teachings, no gurus, and no rules."

C.G.A.A. has it's own traditions and the steps which we use to guide and govern ourselves.  
We are now in the process of articulating each of those in our unique C.G.A.A. way.

To say we have no rules may be technically correct - yet ( to me ) doesn't seem true in spirit.  We strive to govern our selves individually, and as a group by reminding ourselves of the Twelve Traditions and the Twelve Steps.  These are not laws, or rules but guidelines which address the essence of what we're striving for in recovery. 

It may be that to emphasize that the Fellowship has no rules is to give a confusing impression to a new visitor. 

C.G.A.A. may not have "teachings" per se, yet what we do have are heartfelt testimonies such as I have heard from fellow members this year. These are on a par with personal stories that might be found in the A.A. "Big Book" and we may want to consider seeking permission to add a few of those personal stories - after removing a few identifying details.  

We also have a collective wisdom which can emerge profoundly at a meeting when my peers share both their experience, their suffering and their insight into the human condition. 

* If I were to suggest a change to the sentence above, it would be to change it to :  "and no membership requirement beyond a desire to stop gaming."

Cheers !  
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A suggested Chapter Two for a Basic Text

Post by Kittrodamus »

Thanks so much for the feedback, Skald.  The vast majority of the material in that proposal was based on the material from the CGAA website, including the selection you posted your ideas on.  This is how we do it!  The NA basic text, for instance, was created with the input from over 400 people from around the world, and input from the membership at large was encouraged.  Thanks for taking part!
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A suggested Chapter Two for a Basic Text

Post by Scott »

Thanks for your work on this! I'm glad to see the energy and input. For the moment, I just want to address the questions about gaming addiction being an illness or "dis-ease".

Because compulsive gamers who check out the readings on the main website will very likely do so in their first few weeks and then never look at them again (unless it's for literature committee work), those readings are specifically targeted to people in their first few weeks of checking out CGAA. The webpage "The Only Membership Requirement" lets them know that they don't have to call themselves a member or an addict in order to attend our meetings. Everyone is free to make up their minds in their own time.
You don't have to worry about calling yourself a member or a gaming addict just yet.You are welcome to attend the meetings and take all the time you need to decide what you will do.

The important thing is to get honest with ourselves about our situation and deal with it. The exact labels we use are not so important.

The intention is to quickly encourage newcomers "to get honest with ourselves about our situation and deal with it" and not to get hung up on labels.

On the "differences" page, we say:
Most of us who have escaped the vicious cycle through support of the C.G.A.A program and fellowship have come to call ourselves "gaming addicts."

We help addicts, people who have a very serious problem with gaming that most problem gamers do not suffer: an addiction. Addiction is a powerful and baffling mental condition requiring treatment
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