Are you coming to the meetup?

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Are you coming to the meetup?

Post by Scott »

hi all,

If you are planning to come to the meetup but have not paid or otherwise let me know, please let me know now.  We need to know how much food to get and exactly how many beds we need.

Also regarding food, if you are vegetarian or have other special diet requirements please let me know so we can get the right groceries.
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Are you coming to the meetup?

Post by curly_haired_girl »

I am coming and am flexible as lo vegetarian or non-vegetarian diet - my main dietary request is that there be some form of protein at breakfast. Eggs is fine. A "continental breakfast" and/or yogurt probably wouldn't work, because yogurt also has a lot of carbs. And some protein and veggies at other meals, although that usually isn't an issue.
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