Culver City / West Los Angeles Meeting is LIVE!

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Culver City / West Los Angeles Meeting is LIVE!

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Hi All,

I have reserved a room for a face-to-face Culver City meeting in Los Angeles, California.  I know that new meetings can be very small.  And this fellowship in general is very specific.  But I think with proper outreach that it can help people who need it.  And they can be introduced to other programs at this location for other types of addictions, like food, gambling, stealing, relationship issues, and of course the dreaded drugs and alcohol.  I myself am a recovering marijuana addict.  The act of smoking weed and playing video games was my entire life for decades.  It was a very small life that fit into a 3x2 square foot area. That was the approximate amount of room that my hunched over body needed to play on a desktop PC.

I have 5 years of sobriety off weed, but I still waste many precious hours on something that often times gets in the way of more meaningful activities, and sometimes seriously interferes with necessities like work, and sleep.

The details of the meeting are...

4pm Sunday
On the 2nd Floor
(The meeting room will be listed on a giant board located on the 2nd floor)

SHARE! Culver City
6666 Green Valley Circle
Culver City CA, 90230
Tel: 310.305.8878 ... -exchange/

It will be a basic 12-Step format taken from the suggested meeting format I received on this website.

If anyone has any questions, they can contact me.

Will K 818-332-6077
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