List of current face-to-face CGAA meetings - where is it?

Business topics for local face-to-face meetings or meetups
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List of current face-to-face CGAA meetings - where is it?

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Hi people!

I have a request for CGAA as a whole. It's possible this needs to be taken up at the next CGAA GSC meeting, but I'm not 100% it is necessary.

Could there be some combination of:

  1. a shared spreadsheet (Google Drive or a similar cloud drive)

  2. a pinned post in Face to Face Meetings forum

  3. a page on website

  4. any other static/persistent online locations?


  1. A link to the spreadsheet/pinned post/web page from our standard Mumble meeting format AND/OR

  2. A link to it/them from wherever we get a lot of traffic (E.g. WhatsApp?)

Needed information, for each F2F meeting:

  1. Where does the f2f group meet, roughly: Zip code, Neighborhood, City,  State/Province, Country

  2. What day(s) of week and time(s) of day are the meetings held, and how frequently? Note that the correct time zone info needs to be specified as well.

  3. How to group contact information to find out the specific street address (e.g to plug into a Maps app), and to find out if the group's next meeting will be happening. It would be very disappointing if someone spent 90 minutes or more, and spent money on gas and tolls (or transit fares) and there were no meeting when they eventually got there.

Also, I believe one or more persons from each group would need to commit to keeping it up to date. Example: if meetings are to be suspended during the summer, this needs to be noted, and then updated at the end of the summer.

Thank you for your consideration,
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List of current face-to-face CGAA meetings - where is it?

Post by Scott »

Yes, the website has a list of email lists and meetings for face-to-face groups. The links are at the top of the Members menu and top of the Make Connections sidebar.

The OOMG meeting announcements have an item on local meetings that opens a page for signing up for a local group's email list, with a link at the top to the list of local meetings.

I've been keeping the meeting list up-to-date and adding people to the email lists on an almost daily basis.
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