Meditation meeting group concience April minutes.

Business discussion, agendas, notes for the Meditation Group
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Meditation meeting group concience April minutes.

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3 in attendance

Minutes approved

Research benefits of service to recovery stricken from agenda

Vacancy leadership:
Will we allow temporary leadership appointments of small amounts of time? Do we make this an exception, and not announce it to potential service members? Do we need a standard time commitment? How long, or in what range of time should this commitment be?
To be discussed next group conciense

Can we appoint meeting leaders who do not strictly adhere to the minimum leadership requirements when voted in in the group concience?
Vote: Unanymous

New leader appointed for thursday. Unanymously approved.

Script changes:
Add “claim host using code” to meeting script. Voted in
Do we have a volunteer for greeting new people before and after the meditation. Voted in
Solidify share portion wording. Voted in
Change timezome from EST to ET to disregard specificity of daylight savings. Voted in
Make announcements more explicit: Voted in
Take out unfinished “zoom usage guide” section. Voted in.
Only put link to security document in the script: Voted in.
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